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Devil’s Cigarette Lighter [Composite]
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Identifier: e_bb_5016
Title: Devil’s Cigarette Lighter [Composite]
Description: Produced film documenting Paul "Red" Adair and company’s infamous 1961-’62 fight with an gas well fire in the French Saharan desert-specifically, the Gassi Touil natural gas field in Algeria. Contains footage of the event with narration by Adair, giving an in-depth account of the processes and equipment used to stop the fire and contain the flow of gas. Diagrams of the replacement wellhead and blowout preventer (manufactured by Cameron Iron Works, Inc.) are also shown, with Adair detailing their functions. Adair points out appearances by crew members Asger "Boots" Hansen, Ed "Coots" Matthews, and former Houston Oilers fullback, Charlie Tolar, and also acknowledges John Korshe [sp?], who Adair describes as a "head man" for CEP [Compagnie D’exploration Pétrolière] and COPEFA [France-Africa Oil Company]. Composite version of sound and picture from related files, with color inverted.
Country: Algeria
Creator: Bob Bailey Studios
Contributor: Adair, Red; Cameron Iron Works, Inc.; Boone & Cummings Advertising Agency; Tolar, Charlie (worker); Kovar, Justin (editor)
Source: Bailey (Bob) Studios Photographic Archive
Publisher: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History
Rights: © © Red Adair Co./Dolph Briscoe Center for American History
Box: 3W96b
Duration: 34 minutes, 3 seconds
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