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Henry B. Gonzalez - Timeline

Link to: Henry B. Gonzalez "Voice of the People"

Early Life and Entry into Politics
1916 May 3
Born in San Antonio, Texas

circa 1922 Link to: Early Life and Entry into Politics

1935 Graduated from Jefferson High School, San Antonio

1940 Married Bertha Cuellar

1942 Worked as a civilian cable and radio censor/translator for military and naval intelligence during WWII

1943 Graduated from St. Mary's University Law School

1944 Assistant Juvenile Probation Officer

1946 Named Chief Juvenile Probation Officer

1950 First campaign for San Antonio City Council

1953 Elected to San Antonio City Council, serving as mayor protem for a portion of his first term

1956 Elected to Texas State Senate

1957 May
With Senator Abraham Kazan, held longest filibuster in history of Texas Senate at 36 hours, defeating 8 of 10 proposed school segregation bills

1958 Campaigned for Governor of Texas

1960 Named national co-chair for Viva Kennedy campaign
  Link to: Early Life and Entry into Politics, page 2

San Antonio Congressman
1961 Elected to U.S. House of Representatives in special election due to resignation of Paul Kilday, beginning 37 years in Congress
  Assigned to serve on Committee of Banking and Currency

1963 Gained national attention for voting against additional appropriations for the House Committee on Un-American Activities

1964 Supported Civil Rights Act of 1964, Housing Act of 1964,and Equal Opportunities Act of 1964, and the end of the bracero program
Attended Inter-American Development Bank Board of Directors conference in Panama, the first of six times

1965 Link to: San Antonio Congressman

Hemisfair '68 and the Expansion of the 70s
1968 Link to:  Hemisfair ’68 and the Expansion of the 70s

1971 Elected chairman of the Subcommittee on International Development, Institutions, and Finance, a position he held for ten years

1975–1976 Served on House Small Business Committee

1977 Elected chairman of House Select Committee on Assassinations, investigating the deaths of President Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr.
  Committee on Banking and Currency renamed the Banking, Finance and Urban Affairs Committee

1981 Elected chairman of Subcommittee on Housing and Community Development

Gonzalez and the Financial Crises of the 1980s
1983–1988 Collapse of nation's savings and loan industry

1986 Commemorative medal struck for 25th Anniversary of congressional service

1987 December 18
San Antonio Convention Center, located on the grounds of  "HemisFair '68" renamed Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center

1989 Elected Chairman of Banking, Finance and Urban Affairs, serving in this position until 1994
  Authored financial bailout legislation
  Link to: Gonzalez and the Financial Crises of the 1980s

1991 Led restructuring of federal deposit insurance system

1992 Conducted "Iraqgate" investigation of U.S. government loans to Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein

1993–1996 Participated in "Whitewater scandal" investigation

1997 October 30
Portrait sponsored by the Banking Committee unveiled

Gonzalez Retires from Public Service
1998 Retired from congressional service, succeeded by son, Charles, who has been subsequently re-elected

2000 November 28
Died in San Antonio, Texas
  December 3
Burial Mass and internment services in San Antonio, Texas

  Link to: Gonzalez Retires from Public Service


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