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ExxonMobil Historical Collection - Page 6

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with material documenting the corporate cultures of Exxon and Mobil, which retained many employees for as long as 30 years and engendered a great amount of company loyalty. In a society today where workers switch jobs, and even careers, more frequently throughout a lifetime, a look at material such as recruitment brochures, orientation guides and the aforementioned corporate publications can provide evidence not only of what drew people to work for these companies, but what was expected of them and a real sense of what it meant to work there.

Marketing & Advertising

One of the foundations of Mobil and Exxon's success

throughout the 20th century was the expert use of marketing and advertising, making these companies such a visible fixture in America and around the world. By acquiring consistent, well-placed ad space in prominent national and local publications, by filling the airwaves with radio spots and television commercials, and by dotting the roadways with billboards, Mobil and Exxon battled to lure drivers to the pumps. In a contemporary environment in which we are constantly inundated with logos and brands, the collection's advertising component, containing artwork, thousands of full-page advertisements, customer brochures and booklets, and several decades of television commercials for numerous

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