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Tom Wright Photographic Archive - page 3

Joseph E. Kruppa, Professor of English, University of Texas at Austin

Collection encompasses not only the years Wright traveled as road manager and photographer for The Who, but also his years with Rod Stewart, the Rolling Stones, and other groups.  Its most comprehensive documentation, however, is of The Who—from the group’s early days in England to its years at the forefront of American rock and roll.  The collection’s strength is its intimate perspective—that of a valued friend and insider—who traveled with bands and recorded on film and tape their musical performances and conversations.

Tom Wright

View Video  "This is my attempt to thank you and show my appreciation for all the people that helped me just sustain myself and get this far down the road." Tom Wright, Photographer.

Pete Townshend

View Video  "Tom [Wright] made me look good and made me look gorgeous." Pete Townshend, guitarist and songwriter, The Who.

"Tom Wright is a friend of mine of long standing. We were at art college together in Britain in the sixties. Up to now he has remained relatively unknown as a photographer, but he has always been in tune with the mood of the music-inspired generation.  Apart from myself, he has been close to many people in the mainstream of music and the arts and their audiences. The errant conscience of his camera has captured both the flippancy and the passion of the times. His work is very much about 'capturing the moment.' He has passion for the elements that surround these moments, whether they are farcical—like life on the road in a bus with The Who—or inspirational—like the many moving concerts he helped organize in his work as a producer.  I believe Tom’s work to be a unique example of life through the eyes of a young American growing up."

Pete Townshend, 1983

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