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The University of Texas at Austin
Exploring the American South

Exploring the American South: The Briscoe Center's Southern History Collections

Drawn from one of the top three collections in the world documenting the history of the American South, this exhibit reveals the Southern American story across the 19th century.

From Commemoration to Education

From Commemoration to Education: Pompeo Coppini's Statue of Jefferson Davis

No longer an object of commemoration, the statue was moved in 2015 and now forms part of a new exhibition that explores the statue's history, as well as its significance as both a work of art and evidence of the past.

Briscoe Center Acquires the Terry McDonell Papers

Briscoe Center Acquires the Terry McDonell Papers

The Briscoe Center has acquired the papers of renowned magazine editor Terry McDonell, whose papers document his years as editor at Rolling Stone, Newsweek, Esquire, Outside, Men's Journal and Sports Illustrated.

Confederate telegrams

Briscoe Center Works with Math Department to Decode Secret Confederate Message

A series of previously unintelligible Confederate telegrams in the Briscoe Center's collections has been deciphered thanks to mathematicians at the University of Texas. The telegrams, which convey secret military intelligence to Confederate President Jefferson Davis, were written by Confederate General Kirby Smith in October 1864.

Truman and the Texans

Truman and the Texans

President Harry S. Truman's career and legacy was closely connected to those of Vice President Garner, House Speaker Rayburn, and President Johnson. The center sponsored the 40th anniversary of the Truman Scholars at the State Department in Washington, D.C.