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Hazel's Lone Oak Cottage

Hazel's Lone Oak Cottage

Hazel's Lone Oak Cottage is a typical Texas dog-run house. It is one-and-a-half stories, with braced frame construction, two rooms deep on either side of an off-center breezeway, with a front porch running the width of the house. The structure was built around 1868 by German immigrant August Koenig on Jack's Creek about two miles south of Winedale. Jack's Creek was named for William H. Jack, a settler in Austin's Colony in the early 1830s, and the land was originally part of the old Nassau Farm.

The house is named for Houston preservationist Hazel G. Ledbetter, who bought the property in 1961, then presented the house to Miss Ima Hogg in 1965. Miss Hogg originally intended for the structure to serve as a curator's house and exhibit space. Hazel's Lone Oak Cottage has been restored to its simple architectural beauty, which melds German and American cultures of the mid-nineteenth century. Special German characteristics include the steep pitch of the gable roof and the inclusion of the porch and sheds under an unbroken roofline, as well as the typical notched porch columns and the decorative fretwork of the stair rail.

Hazel's Lone Oak Cottage serves as Winedale's Interpretive Center, containing exhibits which tell the Winedale Story and the story of the cultural groups and ecological factors which shaped this area's history.

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