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The University of Texas at Austin


Marcia Roberts Kaylakie Quilt Collection

(Left) detail from Yankee Pride, (Right) detail from Ocean Waves (Variation)
Left - Yankee Pride, detail
Right - Ocean Waves (Variation), detail

December 17, 2013

The Briscoe Center is pleased to announce the establishment of the Marcia Roberts Kaylakie Quilt Collection. Marcia Kaylakie of Austin, Texas, is a well-known quilt collector, teacher, judge, and appraiser. She is also the author of Texas Quilts and Quilters: A Lone Star Legacy (2007).

The donation currently consists of two quilts, however Kaylakie expects to add others to the collection, part of the center's Winedale Quilt Collection, in the future. The Winedale Quilt Collection is a scholarly resource that supports the study of American quilts and their history.

"Kaylakie's quilts date from the last quarter of the nineteenth century and certainly help strengthen our collection for that period," said Kate Adams, Quilt Curator at the Briscoe Center. "Ocean Waves (Variation) is distinguished by its indigo patterned fabric and beautiful hand quilting. Yankee Pride is a triumph of expert piecing of at least 20 small-scale patterned fabrics in the quilt's 99 blocks."

Yankee Pride has an interesting recent history. In 1998, Kaylakie purchased the quilt in Alabama, where it was being used as a tablecloth at a bed and breakfast. According to Kaylakie, once she and the owner agreed on a price, "I marched back into the breakfast room and told everyone to please lift up their food and drink. I took it directly from the table."