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Recent Acquisitions - Albert Sidney Johnston Letter, 1856

Head Qrs. Dept. Texas
May 27, 1856


For the information of the Secretary of War I have the honor to enclose Dept. Order no. 64, of this date, and also a copy of a letter of instruction to Lieut. Col. R.E. Lee in connection therewith. The vigorous & active movements of the troops on this frontier, since the renewal of the depredations of the Indians in Feby., have had the effect to drive them back to their retreats on the Colorado & Brazos rivers, and although there have been no incursions of the Indians for predatory purposes for more than two months, I have thought it injudicious to suffer them to remain where they are quietly to arrange new plans for future annoyance of the inhabitants of the frontier - convinced of the hostile disposition of Sa-na-co's band of Comanches and from information derived from our scouts and also from the Superintendant of the Indian Dept. of Texas, that the greater portion of the robberies & murders of the frontier by Indians for some time past was done by Sa-na-co's band associated, perhaps with northern Comanches, I consider the movement of the 2nd Cav. against them as absolutely necessary to the establishment of permanent security on the frontiers. The result of the operations ordered I do not doubt will go far to accomplish the object desired.

                                                                                                         With great respect
Col.                                                                                                    Yr. ob. svt,
S. Cooper                                                                                           A.S. Johnston
Adj. General                                                                                       Col/ 2d Cav
U.S.A.                                                                                                Comg. Dept.