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Panoramic Tour Help

How can I see a description of an image?

Viewing an item description.

When you mouse over a viewable document, a description along with the image number will be shown.

How can I see something in detail?

Viewing a detail version of an item.

Items displaying a description will appear within a highlighted region. This indicates that a detailed version of the image is available. Using your mouse click on the highlighted region and a large version of the image will be displayed. To remove the image, simply click on it with your mouse to return to the panoramic tour.

How do I use the map?

Viewing panoramic tour map.

When you click on the map on the upper left corner of the screen, the map will get larger. Click it again and it will go back to its original size.

Each red dot represents a different section in the tour. By clicking on the dots you can navigate between the different areas in the tour.

The red laser points show what area of the map you are viewing.

What is the black tab on the left?

Viewing navigation tab and thumbnails

When the black tab on the middle left of the screen is clicked on, a panel will slide open and show thumbnail versions of the four sections. By clicking on the thumbnails you can navigate between different areas in the tour. To close it, click on the tab again.