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Photojournalism and the American Presidency - Reading America's Photos
Photojournalism and the American Presidency - Reading America's Photos
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William J. Clinton, Forty-Second President
President Clinton and First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton,  Dirck Halstead, UT Center for American History

Photograph by: Dirck Halstead, 1998
President Clinton and First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton see mask-to-mask during a trip to Mexico.
Did you know?
During Bill Clinton's presidency, important changes occurred in U.S.-Mexican relations, including the momentous presidential election of Vicente Fox and the ratification of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). This agreement, signed by the U.S., Canada, and Mexico in 1992, sought to eliminate restrictions on the flow of goods, services, and investments in North America.
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President-elect Clinton and Vice-President-elect Gore at a rallyPresident Bill Clinton at his first inaugural addressPresident Clinton at the White House Easter Egg Roll
President Clinton with John F. Kennedy, Jr., Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg and Jacqueline Kennedy OnassisPresident Clinton signs a bill.President Clinton embraces his wife, Hillary, and his daughter, Chelsea.
President Clinton works aboard Air Force One.President Clinton prepares to speak in  Ghana.President Clinton walks solemnly into the White House.
President Clinton, Hillary Clinton and Vice President Al GorePresident Clinton and First Lady Hillary Rodham ClintonPresident Clinton greets Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Rabin's widow, Leah.
President Clinton speaks in Beverly Hills.President-elect Bush visits President Clinton in the White House.President Clinton heads for the plane on his last day.

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