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Photojournalism and the American Presidency - Reading America's Photos
Photojournalism and the American Presidency - Reading America's Photos
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David Hume Kennerly
Mass suicide in Jonestown, Guyana, © David Hume Kennerly, UT Center for American History

Photograph by: David Hume Kennerly, 1978
In Jonestown, Guyana, 917 members of Jim Jones' cult committed mass suicide—many by drinking from a tub of cyanide-laced purple punch.
audio clip"Jonestown", David Hume Kennerly - transcript
Did you know?
Jim Jones was the charismatic leader of the People's Temple, an organization helping the desperate in San Francisco in the mid-1970s. Adverse publicity caused Jones to move the Temple's operations to the remote jungles of Guyana. Continued allegations of abuse led Congressman Leo Ryan to investigate the Temple in November, 1978. The visit ended in total tragedy, as Jones had Ryan and his party killed, then killed himself and most of his followers.
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