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Photojournalism and the American Presidency - Reading America's Photos
Photojournalism and the American Presidency - Reading America's Photos
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"No One Was Saying A Word" Transcript
David Hume Kennerly:

“For me—and I think most photographers have a sense of irony—and the—one of the most ironic moments in my career was in the Roosevelt Room with the National Security Council (the president, secretary of state, defense, head of the CIA, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, vice president). Under a portrait of Teddy Roosevelt who, if you read about him, was one probably of the more active presidents who had war experience (just one of the most fascinating, you know—charge-the-hill kind of guys that ever was in that office)—under his portrait, are the most powerful people in the United States making the decision to pull out of Vietnam and no one saying anything. And that photograph has emerged to me as not only one of the most important I took at the White House, but what it's really like. And it's fascinating to see that. Nobody had anything to say—they had decided they were going to pull the plug, get all the Americans out of there [Vietnam] in that room and nobody was saying a word.”

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