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Photojournalism and the American Presidency - Reading America's Photos
Photojournalism and the American Presidency - Reading America's Photos
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"Photojournalism Will Never Die" Transcript
David Hume Kennerly:

Photojournalism will never die. It may take different shapes, but it's still going to be a person with a camera taking photographs of all things happening in the world around us. And the markets change, the delivery system changes. But I'm very optimistic about it.

There's still a lot of working photographers. It's always been a tough business because there are a lot fewer jobs than there are people who would want to be in it. But there will never be a replacement for what we do.

The intimate look at people's lives in the small way and then the big action adventure dreams of war. It's always, we live in a world that's constantly in upheaval and there will always be people around with cameras to record history in the making. And I don't think that's going to change.

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"Photojournalism Will Never Die"

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