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Texas House Speakers Oral History Project -
Biographies and Resources
The Annotated Bibliography: An Explanatory Note

Prepared as part of the Texas House Speakers Oral History Project, this bibliography provides an exhaustive guide to materials held by the University of Texas at Austin libraries related to the office of Texas Speaker of the House and to individual speakers.

This bibliography is organized chronologically and biographically. If a University of Texas at Austin library holds material related to a particular speaker, there is an entry for that speaker as well as a list of relevant materials and a summary of where that material is located. At the end of the bibliography are listed general materials related to the office of Texas House Speaker.

Not only are printed materials such as books, dissertations and theses, and government documents listed in this bibliography, but also audio and video recordings and photographs as well. Due to the vast holdings of the University of Texas at Austin, some items related to the speaker's office may have been overlooked. This guide will be updated periodically as new items are added to the Speakers' Collection or as items already held by the system are discovered.

Note that vertical files and scrapbooks on individual speakers and related topics are available at the Center for American History. Labels of these files appear in this bibliography as they do on the vertical files themselves and in the vertical file index. Descriptions of the contents of scrapbooks and vertical files are not necessarily comprehensive but cover the most important items.

The brief biographies of each speaker that follow are derived primarily from the Presiding officers of the Texas Legislature, 1846–2002. (Austin: The Texas Legislative Council, 2002); The New Handbook of Texas (Austin: Texas State Historical Association, 1996); and the oral histories conducted with living speakers, their family members and associates.