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Making History Searchable: Transcribe It!

The Briscoe Center aims to enhance the accessibility of its digital collections for researchers and the public. "Making History Searchable" enables volunteers to help the center transcribe documents, which allows them to be searched with greater accuracy and speed.

Follow the three steps below, and become one of the center's digital volunteers, transcribing historic diaries, letters, business cards, petitions, military documents, and more!

work flow diagram
Making History Searchable: Transcribe It!

Select a Document you're comfortable transcribing, either by visiting our Featured Collection, browsing all documents, or searching for dates or keywords in document titles. Notice that we've classified each document as suitable for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced transcribers.

Making History Searchable: Transcribe It!

Transcribe all the text you see in the chosen document. You can zoom in and out to get a better view of the document's text. It's not necessary to retain any formatting on the document during your transcription; rather focus on the accuracy of the words you're transcribing. Consult the Tips page for more help on your transcription efforts.

Making History Searchable: Transcribe It!

Review your transcription to make sure it is accurate. Pay particular attention to personal names and places, as these words are often the words that people use to search our digital collections. You may contribute any comments about your transcription, and then save your transcription as either "Complete" or "Incomplete."

Start transcribing