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image detail from Sanborn Map

Sanborn Maps

The alphabetical index to Sanborn maps available at the Briscoe Center refers to town, county, year of map, and number of sheets.
i.e. Saline (Washtenaw Co.) 1927 - 4

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Sanborn Fire Insurance Map key - detail from Austin 1877 sheet 1.

The Briscoe Centers collection of Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps range in date from 1877 to 1951 and include maps of 426 Texas cities in 213 counties. The scale of the maps is generally 1:600 or 50 feet to the inch. There are 17,490 sheets which are 25 and one-half inches by 21 and one-half inches (sheet size varies somewhat).

Each map includes a "key" to symbols and information about population, fire protection and water facilities. Type of construction for each building is denoted by color. The maps also indicate building use (i.e. dwelling, type of business, vacant), type of roof construction, house numbers, block numbers, street widths, spot elevations and fire protection - water pipes or mains, sprinklers, fire hydrants, fire alarm boxes, etc. The number of stories in all buildings and windows in multi-story buildings, fire walls, frame partitions and other features such as cloth-lined walls, steam boilers and skylights are also indicated.

About Digital Sanborn Maps

The University of Texas Libraries digitized Texas Sanborn Maps up to 1922 in the Briscoe Center's collection. Researchers can view these digitized maps on the U. T. Libraries website.

Copying Sanborn Maps

In accordance with the Dolph Briscoe Center for American History’s Photocopying Policies, any materials larger than ledger size (11" x 17"), including original format Sanborn Maps, will not be copied.

Sanborn Maps are also available on black and white microfilm (CAH MF 17,549). Copies from microfilmed materials can be made by patrons at the microfilm reader-printer in the Information Area or digitized to a portable USB flash drive on the microfilm reader scanners.

Patrons may also photograph Sanborn Maps with their own cameras (no scanners) for their personal research according to the guidelines laid out in the The Personal Camera Use Policy. Patrons must complete The Personal Camera Use Policy form and should be aware of copyright restrictions.