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African American History Resources - detail of Lucia J. Knotts Rhone, Rhone Family Papers

African American History Resources
Archives and Manuscript Collections: Various Topics

Adriance (John) Papers, 1832–1903.

African American Photographers Oral History Project, 1992–1993.

Allen (Ruth Alice) Papers, 1943–1973.

Alley (Abraham) Family Papers, 1846–1886.

Austin Independent School District School-Community Liaison Program Records, 1964-1986.

Aweusi (Alli) Collection, 1968-1995.

Black Experience in America: Selected Essays Records, 1968–1970.

Black History Collection, 1826–1867.

Black Texas Women Archive, 1860–1865, 1897–1994.

Braden (Josephine Clark) Study, 1941

Caldwell County (TX) Oral History Collection, 1976–1977.

Chism-Scott-Fambles Family Papers, 1902–1986.

Cook (Byron and Rannie) Papers, 1944-1962.

Craft (Juanita Jewel Shanks) Collection, 1939–1984.

Dallas Independent School District Desegregation Oral History Collection, 2003

Dryer (Linnie) Essays, 1927.

Duren (Almetris Marsh) Papers, 1936–1981.

Farmer (James Leonard, Jr., and Lula Peterson) Papers, 1908, 1921–1999.

Fornell (Earl W.) Narrative, ca. 1817-1860.

Frazier (Skipper Lee) Papers, ca. 1960-2000.

Hagerty (Rebecca Mcintosh Hawkins) Papers, 1823–1901.

Heinsohn (Edmund) Papers, 1925-1990.

Hinkle (Milt) Papers, 1959–1972.

Holbrook (Abigail C. and Thomas J.) Papers, 1917–1981.

Horton (Albert Clinton) Papers, 1850-1881 [Wharton & Matagorda Counties]

Jaybird Association Papers, 1887–1922.

Jefferson (J. R.) Papers, 1861, 1862, 1865.

Labor Movement in Texas Collection, 1845–1943.

Lipscomb-Alyn Collection, 1960–1983.

Loggins (Earl) Papers, 1941–2007.

Lomax (John Avery) Family Papers, ca. 1842 1853–1986.

Marmion (Charles Gresham) Papers, 1935-1936

Military Operations in Texas Collection, 1862–1864.

Morehead (Richard M.) Papers, 1903 (1922–1995).

Natchez Trace Slaves and Slavery Collection, 1793–ca. 1864.

Negro Scrapbook.

Negro Slaves in Spanish America, 1563–1820.

Newcomb (James P.) Papers, 1837–1907.

Nimmo (James) Family Bible, 1802–1897.

Oral History of The Texas Oil Industry, 1952–1958.

People's History of Texas Records, 1975–1986.

Pope (Lawrence C.) Papers, 1961–1989.

Ragsdale (Paul B.) Papers, 1972–1987.

Rhone Family Papers, 1886–1971.

Robinson (Dorothy Redus and Frank J.) Papers, 1931, 1942–1995.

Rose (Preston Robinson) Family Papers, 1833–1921.

Shaw (Robert) Collection, 1920–1980.

Smith (Lee S.) Collection, 1865–1988.

State of Texas Versus NAACP Case Records, 1911, 1945–1961.

Sweatt (Heman) Symposium on Civil Rights Collection, 1987-1999.

Taylor (Edgar Dorsey) Drawings, ca. 1940s.

Texas African American Heritage Organization, Inc., Records.

Texas Association for the Study of Afro-American Life and History Collection, 1984–.

Texas Slave Laws, 1853-1856

Texas State Federation of Labor Records, 1910–1961.

UT Barbara Jordan Historical Essay Competition Archive, 1996– .

UT KUT/Longhorn Radio Network Tapes: "In Black America" Series, 1981–2000.

Winegarten (Ruthe) Papers, 1912–2004.

Works Progress Administration Records: Slave Stories, ca. 1930s.