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Hogg (Ima) Bibliography - di_03389 Antique portrait of Ima Hogg

Ima Hogg Bibliography

(updated: August 2007)


Primary Sources - Dolph Briscoe Center for American History

Robert Crawford Cotner Papers, 1767–1981.

Ima Hogg Papers, 1824–1977.

Ima Hogg Photographs, 1830–1977. 1300 (estimated) photoprints; 42 slides; 1 film reel; 4 albums

James Stephen Hogg Papers, 1836–1969.

William Clifford Hogg Papers, 1897–1932.

James W. McClendon Papers 1873–1951, 1965.

Oral History of the Texas Oil Industry, 1952–1958.

Robert L. Sutherland Papers, 1937–1973.

Dudley Kezer Jr. Woodward Papers, 1930–1956.

In other collections

Accessions Files.  Bayou Bend, Houston, Texas.

Miscellaneous Papers.  Bayou Bend Archives.

Ima Hogg Interview, 1974. Tape recording, Houston Metropolitan Research Center, Oral History Collection.


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Compiled by:  Ramona Houston
Date:  September 1998