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Winedale / Round Top, Texas Area - detail di_07107 The Winedale Inn

Winedale and Roundtop, Texas

(updated 9-4-2009)

Selected Archives and Manuscript Collections

Carmine (Texas) Post Office Records, 1886–1940. (4.5 ft.)

Post office records from Carmine, Texas, containing letters, postcards, money orders and ledgers, cash books, record stamp purchase ledger books, postal forms of many types, registration books and ledgers, railroad books and records, wanted posters, post office circulars, war savings pledge cards, town state hand stamps, postage due cards, newspaper ledgers, carrier route maps, and railroad maps.

Cunningham (Leander Calvin) Papers, 1837–1868. (1 in.)

Account book relates to payments received by Cunningham (1810–1896), member of the General Council of 1835–1836, representative from Bastrop in the Second Congress, and county judge of Bastrop County, for services as an attorney, as well as to inventories of taxable land in Bastrop, Bexar, Colorado, Hays, Travis, and other counties and to personal tax payments and transactions.

Curlee (Abigail) Cotton Production List, 1860. (1 vol.)

Photostat of typed list by county of Texas farmers in seventy-two counties who raised and made more than forty bales of cotton in 1860. Includes Fayette and Colorado Counties.

Dancy (Jon Winfield Scott) Papers, 1832–1856, 1977. (6 in.)

Papers of Dancy (1810–1866), Fayette County farmer and legislator during the Republic and early statehood periods, include seven volumes of a diary, army discharge papers, an essay and a speech, a list of legislators in 1841, and other related materials.

Fayette, Colorado, Wharton, and Matagorda Counties Military Records, 1861–1862. (1 item.)

Collection records names of officers, number of men in companies and their origin, inventory of arms, and remarks concerning the Twenty-second Brigade, Texas State Troops, under Brigadier General William Graham Webb in the early years of the Civil War. Also included are directives from headquarters printed separately and clipped from newspapers.

Fordtran-McGregor Family Papers, 1854–1950s. (875 photocopies.)

Photocopies of pages from McGregor-Harris-Lescher Family Scrapbook giving records of births, marriages, and deaths. Love letters written to Irene Lescher from A. W. McGregor, 1896–1898; letters written to Alineida by her graduating classmates who went off to be soldiers during World War I; photocopies of sheet music which belonged to Annie Portia McGregor; group portrait of Annie Portia McGregor and her sisters; photos of interior of McGregor Family home in Waco; letters written to Annie Portia Fordtran; diary of G. C. McGregor documenting his trip from Fayetteville, North Carolina to Round Top. (The original documents remain with Bill and Francis Harris who operate Heart of My Heart Farms, a bed and breakfast near Winedale. They are members of the friends' group for Winedale. The McGregor House on the Winedale property belonged to G. C. McGregor.)

Gay (Bettie Munn) Family Papers, 1850–1992. (3 ft.)

Correspondence, photographs, glass plate, photocopies, financial records, certificate, poetry, newspaper clippings, literary productions, diary, artifacts, legal documents, typescript, maps, and address books written by or about members of the Gay, Youens, and Munn families and relating to their lives in Columbus, Texas and to the First Baptist Church.

Henkel (George August Edward) Papers, 1735, 1860–1870, 1956. (5 in.)

Fayette County, Justice of the Peace court records, 1857–1870; history of family of George Edward Henkel, 1735–1956; autograph book; G. A. E. Henkel certificate of election as Justice of the Peace, Fayette County, 1860; photograph of G. A. E. and Mathilde Henkel, Round Top, Texas, ca. 1856.

Hogg (Ima) Papers, 1824–1977. (98 ft.)

Correspondence, financial records, legal documents, minutes, reports, literary productions, and printed material document the life of Ima Hogg. The bulk of the material is correspondence and financial records which illuminate family and personal relationships and activities; reflect her involvement in Houston, state, and national cultural, historical, and philanthropic activities and organizations; and document her business and personal financial interests, both income and expenditures. Correspondents include among many Wayne Bell, restoration architect of Winedale Historical Center.

Leyendecker Family Papers, 1817–1981. (16 ft., 5 in.)

Business and personal correspondence, account books and memorandum books, legal papers, school books and papers, county records, genealogy, literary works. Papers record in detail the business and personal affairs of the descendents of Margaretha and Friedrich Zimmerscheidt, early German immigrants to Texas, who arrived there in 1834 and settled in Austin's Colony, later Colorado County. The majority of the material in the collection relates to Johann Leyendecker's oldest son, Johann Friedrich (Fritz), who served in the Civil War, was elected to the state legislature (1872) and held many local positions, engaged in legal and financial businesses, and invested in land. In 1876 he established the Pearfield Nursery and became well known for his horticultural activities.

Lincecum (Gideon) Papers, 1821–1933. (3 ft.)

Letters, letter presses, notebooks, journals, narratives, notes, botanical specimens, pictures, and printed material concerning the career of Gideon Lincecum (1793–1874), naturalist. Papers relate to Lincecum's naturalist philosophy, weather, soil, and plant and insect life. In March 1992, the Center for American History and the Texas Memorial Museum cooperated in producing an exhibit entitled: Gideon Lincecum: Pioneer Texas; Naturalist and Intellectual.

Melcher (Louis) Photograph Collection, ca. 1900. (4 in.; 39 collodion prints.)

Photographs depict life in central Texas, ca. 1900. Made by Louis Melcher (1870–1940), professional photographer and saloon operator of Engle, Fayette, County, Texas. Melcher's family was among the earliest in Fayette County; grandfather emigrated from Germany to LaGrange, Texas, in 1846; father was born in LaGrange in 1849. Melcher photographed families, homes, businesses, groups, and events in and around the towns of LaGrange, Cedar Park, O'Quinn, and Black Jack Springs, Texas.

Rhone Family Papers, 1886–1971. (5 ft.)

Papers, correspondence, business and other records of the Rhone family, African American educators and part-time farmers of Fayette County, Texas.

Romberg (Johannes Christlieb Nathaniel) Family Papers, 1708–1933. (9.5 in.)

Autobiography of Heinrich Otto Mackensen; Romberg Family items; Mackensen-Ohlendorf letters, 1866–1882; J. D. Romberg correspondence, 1867–1885; Fayette County items; Map of Fayette County, 1879; articles on farming and community life.

Round Top, Texas Items, 1849–1965.

LaGrange (Texas) Journal, Sept.17, 1931; photos of Mathilde Henkel and Reinhard Hillebrand; Emmie Jessen remembrances; miniature bookcase made by Bruno Willibald Schuman; Ottilie Wilhelmine Adolphine Potthoff Autograph Book, 1865.

Sullivan (Robert Anderson) Papers, 1856–1887. (2 in.)

Papers are primarily the personal correspondence of Sullivan who was born in 1840 in Mississippi, settled with his family in Fayette Country in 1855, and served in the Civil War, 1861–1865. Letters written by Sullivan, family members, and friends concern farming as well as educational, religious, and business activities in Mississippi and Texas. Papers also relate to army and civilian life during the Civil War. Included is biographical material on the Lane Family of Fayette County.

UT Folklore Center Archives, ca. 1928–1981. (101 ft.)

The UT Folklore Center Archives was established in 1957 and initially contained recordings collected by folklorists such as John A. Lomax, William A. Owens, John Henry Faulk, Norman McNeil, and Americo Paredes. Subsequently, other collections of recordings were added, and manuscript copies of student projects were retained as part of the archives beginning around 1962. These relate to folklore topics such as legends, stories, jokes, various types of songs, customs, material culture, speech, puns, and riddles. Oral histories are also included as are photographs of historic buildings and sites, Germans in Texas, interior decoration, and Round Top, Texas.

Wade (Houston) Narrative. (1 vol.)

Account of the "Dawson Men" of Fayette County, Texas.