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SupportCampaign to Make History

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We’re grateful to the following individuals for supporting
the Campaign to Make History.

*Denotes support for the Thomas M. Hatfield Seminar room


The Dolph and Janey Briscoe Circle ($1 million and above)

The family of Governor Dolph Briscoe


The Creekmore and Adele Fath Circle ($500,000-$999,999)


The Major J.R. Parten Circle ($100,000-$499,999)

The Effie and Wofford Cain Foundation*
Randy Parten


The Eugene C. Barker Circle ($25,000-$99,999)

Karey Bresenhan
Penny and Dan Burck*
Paul Burns*
Jane Periman Hilfer
The Honorable and Mrs. William P. Hobby
Joan and Herb Kelleher Charitable Foundation
The Ralph H. and Ruth J. McCullough Foundation (Joe Royce, Trustee)
Nancy O'Bryant Puentes
The William A. and Madeline Welder Smith Foundation (Joe Royce, Trustee)
The Dave H. and Reba W. Williams Foundation*


The Miss Ima Hogg Circle ($10,000-$24,999)

Morse Family Foundation (Scott Morse, Officer)
Nene Foxhall
Clyde R. Littlefield

Director’s Circle
Patron ($5,000-$9,999)

Teddy and Henry Boehm
William Bottorff
Darrell S. David
Howard O. and Rachel Frazier
McCombs Foundation
Agelia Pérez Márquez
James A. and Mayme H. Rowland Foundation* (Jason B. Sowell, Jr., Trustee)
Amy Villarreal
Mallory and Diana Walker

Director’s Circle
Contributor ($1,000-$4,999)

Katherine Adams
Raye Virginia Allen
The Honorable Michael A. Andrews
Gareth Balhmann
Ray and Mary Margaret Farabee
M. B. and Fannie Finkelstein Foundation
(Jim Finkelstein, Trustee)
Jess Hay
Van and Jeanne Hoisington*
Inman Foundation (Admiral and Mrs. B.R. Inman)
Sharon and Dean Justice
Kinder Foundation
Wales Madden, Jr.

J. Mark McLaughlin
Mary Ann Nygren
Richard D. Perkins
Charles Porter, Jr.
Betsy and James Reichert*
The Honorable Philip A. Rhodes, Jr.
(in honor of Jane Hilfer)
Judith Garrett Segura
Mark Stanton Smith
John and Eleanor Schneider*
James E. Suttle
Heinrich Taegtmeyer
Dianne Tucker
Dwight C. Williams
Sheila Wojcik and Harvey Caughey

Director’s Circle
Friend (Up to $999)

Elizabeth K. Aho
John S. Alexander
Ada Anderson
Gordon Appleman
Kristin P. Bailey
Douglas E. Barnett
Jodie Batten-Savoie
Pamela Bell and Rusty Jackson
Betty Bird
John Blades
Susan A. Block
Hugh L. Brady
Karey Bresenhan*
The Honorable J. E. Brown
Dan Bullock and
Annette Carlozzi*
Lt. Col. Nelda R. Cade
Loreto Catoira
William R. Childs
Jo Anne Christian*
Tana and Joe Christie*
Kate Clark
Sarah and Richard Cleary
Alison Ida Clemens
Pamela M. Conlan
Margaret Anna Cox
George Dillingham
E. Linn Draper
Anita Eisenhauer
Priscilla and Peter Flawn*
Gwen and Davis Ford*
Betsy C. Frantz
Robert A. Gardner, Jr.
Sylvia Garza
Dusty and Bill Gaston*
David B. Gracy II

Diane and Earl Grant*
Gloria M. Gray
Patricia H. Gruetzmacher
Barbara Sublett Guthery*
Larry Harlan
Gregory L. Hemphill
Lois C. Henderson
Dealey Herndon
Kathryn Hillhouse
(in honor of Jane Hilfer)
James O. Hughey
Lauren Jackson
Thomas I. Jackson
Molly James
(in honor of Jane Hilfer)
Robert F. Jones, Jr.
Paul Karasik
Kate Kirkland*
Judy Rowe Koehl
The Honorable and
Mrs. Robert Krueger
Sally Langston
Linda and Robert Ligon*
Benjamin G. Liles, Jr.
Franna and Ted Litton*
Susan O. Longley
Col. George E. Loughran
George W. Lowe
Scott F. Lubeck
Hans M. Mark
Gilbert Mayorga
David G. McComb
Catherine A. McEachern
R. Dale McKown
Melinda and James McMichael*
Susan Meller

George P. Mitchell
Victor P. Montoya
James A. Moody
Martha and Alan Moore*
Stella and Charles Mullins
Robert J. Naas
Joel M. Nash
Matthew Naythons
Tyler Onitsuka
Jane and Howard Parker*
T. Michael Parrish
J. Douglas Perkins
Charles H. Perrone
Louise and Peter Pincoffs*
Nancy O’Bryant Puentes*
Randy C. Reyes
J. Thomas Roberts
The Honorable James M. Rush
Allison Schottenstein
Kelly L. Shanteau
Armanda M. Sittig
Audrey N. Slate
Sandra and Allen Smith*
Marc A. Soto
Amir S. Steinberg
Steve H. Sucher
Charlotte M. Sullivan
Judy and Charles Tate*
James Turman
The Honorable
Leticia Van de Putte
David and Vickie Vogel
DeWitt and Muffy Waltmon*
David B. Warren
Marsha A. Welch
William Wright, Jr.

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