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Map of Texas With Parts of the Adjoining States
Title: Map of Texas With Parts of the Adjoining States
Location/Date: Philadelphia, H. S. Tanner, 1835
Collection: J. P. Bryan Map Collection
Map of Texas With Parts of the Adjoining States
The 1835 edition of Austin's 1830 Map of Texas, the first map to show on a large scale the beginnings of immigration into Texas from the United States. This later edition depicts additional land grants and presents a section of text stating the number of families to be located on each grant shown on the map.
Dinner to Colonel Austin
Title: Dinner to Colonel Austin
Location/Date: Brazoria, F. C. Gray, 1835
Collection: Broadside Collection
Dinner to Colonel Austin
The text of Austin's speech to the citizens of Brazoria given at a dinner in his honor on September 8. Austin landed in Velasco on September 1, 1835, after more than two years in Mexico. In his speech a week later, Austin called for a convention to protest the centralist Mexican government's abrogation of the Constitution of 1824. He ended his address with this toast: "The Constitutional rights and the security of peace of Texas, they ought to be maintained, and jeopardized as they now are, they demand a general consultation of the people."
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