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The University of Texas at Austin

Browser Requirements

For an optimal viewing experience of the Briscoe Center Website, we suggest using a computer with minimum of 2GB of RAM and a 1.55 MHz processor. In addition, Adobe Flash must be whitelisted in your browser in order to view some multimedia content while we work to incorporate HTML5 standards. Please refer to your browser's whitelist for Flash, and add as an exception.

Browser support:

  • Internet Explorer
    Supported: 11 and 10

  • Firefox
    Supported: 30+
    Explicitly unsupported: 3.6

  • Chrome
    Supported: 36+

  • Opera
    Supported: 24+

  • Safari
    Supported: 7+

Mobile View:

Mobile viewing of this website is not officially supported, however current mobile browsers will render this website at desktop resolutions.