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The Archives of American Mathematics (AAM) includes extensive photographic documentation of 20th century mathematicians from around the world as well as educational films. This page presents digitized photographs and films from the collections of the AAM. More will be added as they become available.

Air Force Operations Analysis Section Collection
Images of members of the Eighth Air Force Operations Analysis Section, taken in 1944.
Beberman (Max) Film Collection
Films featuring Max Beberman teaching a series titled "Teaching High School Mathematics." Made by the University of Illinois Committee on School Mathematics in the 1960s.
Paul Erdős-Carl Pomerance Correspondence Collection
Digitized correspondence between Paul Erdős and Carl Pomerance, 1974-1995.
Feit (Walter) Papers
68 photographs from the Walter Feit Papers. Images feature Feit and other mathematicians at various events from the 1940s and 2003.
Fuller (Frederick Lincoln) Papers
Photographs from the Frederick Lincoln Fuller Papers. Images include F. L. Fuller, cash registers, and other computing equipment whose invention he was involved in.
Greenwood (Robert E.) Papers
Images from the Robert E. Greenwood Papers, including Greenwood, his family, and colleagues.
Donald R. Traylor
Moore (R.L.) Legacy Collection: Donald R. Traylor Audio Recordings
Donald R. Traylor compiles a history of R. L. Moore and his teaching method through interviews with Moore’s colleagues and mathematical descendants.
Paul Halmos
Paul Halmos Lecture Series Film Collection
Filmed lectures given by Paul Halmos during a 1975 lecture tour to Australia.
James (Thomas) Arithmetic Book
An arithmetic textbook handwritten in 1802 by Thomas James, a teacher in Virginia.
Lubben (R. G.) Papers
Photographs from the papers of a UT alumnus and early student of R. L. Moore. Images include Renke Lubben and other students, Moore, and early scenes of UT and Austin.
Mathematical Association of America Records
Photographs from the records of the MAA, including presidents, members, and activities of the organization.
 Mathematical Association of America Films
Mathematical Association of America Records: 7 Films
Lecturers include, George Pólya, A. S. Besicovitch, David Blackwell, Solomon Lefschetz, Marston Morse, and Mark Kac, and Richard Courant. Digitized with generous funding from the Simons Foundation.
John Milnor
Mathematical Association of America Records: Lecture Films from the 50th and 75th Anniversaries
R. H. Bing delivers his MAA retiring presidential address. John Milnor gives the Hedrick Lecture in 3 parts on differential topology.
Moore (R. L.) Papers
Images from the R. L. Moore Papers, including Moore, his family, and colleagues and students.
Moore (R. L.) Legacy Collection
Photographs from the R. L. Moore Legacy Collection. Images include Moore, students, and colleagues.
Moore (R. L.) Reprints
R. L. Moore reprints, including his annotations.
detail from e_math_01180; Chinn (William G.) Papers, 1955-1995
Multiple Collections Gallery
Small groups of photographs, consisting of 10 or fewer images, chosen from 20 mathematics collections.
Schoenberg (I. J.) Papers
Photographs from the I. J. Schoenberg Papers. Schoenberg was known for his work on splines and Pólya frequency functions.
School Mathematics Study Group. Modern Learning Aids. A Brief Course in Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers.
15 films featuring Stewart Moredock explaining mathematical concepts to elementary school teachers.
School Mathematics Study Group Records.
Images from the School Mathematics Study Group Records, including stills from SMSG films made in the 1960s and Edward Begle.
Truesdell (Clifford A.) Papers
Photographs from the Clifford A. Truesdell Papers, depicting Truesdell throughout his life.
Vandiver (H. S.) Papers
Images from the H. S. Vandiver Papers, including Vandiver and his family.
Walter (Marion) Photograph Collection
Photographs of mathematicians taken from the 1950s to 1992. Includes Mina Rees, George Pólya, Olga Taussky-Todd, John Todd, Magnus Hestenes, and others.