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On this page you may browse the online inventories for collections in the Archives of American Mathematics. The inventories are arranged alphabetically by creator.

Agnew (Jeanne) Papers

Air Force Operations Analysis Section

Anderson (Bruce A.) Papers

Archives of American Mathematics Prints and Photographs Collection

Archives of American Mathematics Reprint Collection

Ball (B. J.) Papers

Beberman (Max) Film Collection

Bernstein (Dorothy L.) Papers

Bhargava (Manjul) Collection

Biedenharn (Lawrence) Papers

Bing (R. H.) Papers

Bing (R. H.) Interviews

Brewer (James W.) Papers

Bruck (R. H.) Papers

Cairns (S. S.) Collection

California Mathematics Council Community College Records

Cheney (E. W.) Papers

Chinn (William G.) Papers

Cleveland (Clark M) Papers

Conference on Orthogonal Expansions and their Continuous Analogues

Coon (Geraldine A.) Papers

Cooper (Albert Everett) Papers

Davis (Philip) Autograph Collection

Dehn (Max) Papers

DeWitt (Bryce S.) Papers

DeWitt-Morette (Cécile) Papers

Dijkstra (Edsger W.) Papers

Dodd (Edward L.) Papers

Duke Mathematical Journal Records

Duren (William L.) Papers

Durst (Lincoln K.) Papers

Eberlein (W. F.) Papers

Erdős (Paul) and Carl Pomerance Correspondence Collection

Ettlinger (H. J.) Papers

Ettlinger (H. J.) Photographs

Ettlinger (H. J.) Legacy Collection

Feit (Walter) Papers

Finite Simple Group Theory Oral History Collection

Fuller (Frederick Lincoln) Papers

Gillman (Leonard) Papers

Greenwood (R. E.) Papers

Griffin (John S., Jr.) Papers

Grosswald (Emil) Papers

Halmos (P. R.) Papers

Halmos (P. R.) Photograph Collection

Halsted (George Bruce) Papers

Harrington (Walter) Papers

Hedlund (G. A.) Papers

Hedrick (E. R.) Collection

Helly (Eduard) Papers

Henderson (David) Papers

Henriksen (Melvin) Oral History Collection

Hoffman (Stephen) Papers

Houston Topology Seminar Records

Howard (William) Oral History Collection

International Linear Algebra Society

James (Thomas) Arithmetic Book

Johnson (Gordon) Papers

Jones (F. Burton) Papers

Jones (Phillip S.) Papers

Karp (Carol) Papers

Kinsey (Bernard B.) Manuscript

Kruskal (Joseph B.) Papers

Lane (Ralph E.) Papers

Lenchner (George) Papers

Linear Algebra and its Applications Records

Lubben (R. G.) Papers


Mac Lane (Saunders) Papers

Macfarlane (Alexander) Collection

Mahavier (William S.) Papers

Math Medley Radio Show Collection

Mathematical Association of America-History of American Mathematics in WWII Committee Records

Mathematical Association of America Records

Mathematics of Computation Unpublished Math Tables Collection

Mechanical Harmonic Synthesizer/Multiharmonograph Collection

Merzbach (Uta) Papers

Miksa (Francis L.) Papers

Moore (R. L.) Papers

Moore (R. L.) Legacy Collection

Morrey (Charles Bradfield) Papers

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Oral History Project Records

National Numeracy Network

National Research Council Collection

Neuberger (J. W.) Papers

New Mathematical Library Records

Nikodym (Otton Martin) Papers

Pettis (B. J.) Papers

Pi Mu Epsilon Records

Porter (Gerald J.) Mathematical Publications Collection

Pour-El (Marian) Papers

Price (G. Baley) Papers

Princeton Mathematics Community in the 1930s Oral History Collection

Rainich (George Yuri) Papers

Reid (William T.) Papers

Robinson (Abraham) Papers

Rosser (J. Barkley) Papers

Schild (Alfred) Papers

Schoenberg (I. J.) Papers

Schoenfeld (Lowell) Papers

School Mathematics Study Group Records

Seever (Galen L.) Papers

Silverman (Louis Lazarus) Papers

Spencer (Donald C.) Papers

Steenrod (Norman Earl) Papers

Stiles (F. A.) Papers

Truesdell (C.) Papers

Tucker (Albert William) Papers

USA Mathematical Talent Search Records

Van Heijenoort (Jean) Papers

Vandiver (H. S.) Papers

Von Neumann (John) Papers

Wall (H. S.) Papers

Wall (H. S.) Legacy Collection

Walter (Marion) Photograph Collection

Wheeler (John) Papers

Whyburn (Gordon Thomas) Papers

Whyburn (William M.) Papers

Wilder (Raymond Louis) Papers

William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition Records

Wrench (John W.) Papers

Young (David M.) Papers

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