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The University of Texas at Austin


The University of Texas Archives preserves and makes available for research the non-current, historically valuable official records of the University of Texas at Austin and the UT System administration; the personal and professional papers of significant UT administrators, faculty, and staff; and any other materials, of varying format, which substantively document the history and development of the institution.

The UT Archives currently maintains some 4,500 linear feet of material including institutional records, personal papers, books, periodicals, official and student publications, scrapbooks and clippings, microforms, sound recordings and oral histories, photographs, maps and drawings, and audio-visual material. Among the cornerstone collections are the administrative records of the Chancellor’s Office, the Board of Regents, and the President’s Office, all of which trace the development of the University and the many important policy decisions it has faced.

Inventories for the following UT related collections are available online. For additional resources see the Center’s Archives and Manuscripts Index and the University Libraries Online Catalog.

Administrative Offices and Departments

UT Bureau of Economic Geology Records, 1874–1988

UT Cockrell School of Engineering Distinguished Graduates Photograph Collection

UT College of Fine Arts Records

UT Department of Engineering Photographs, 1938–1964

UT Department of Middle Eastern Studies Records

UT Executive Vice President and Provost Office Records, 1970–1988

UT Folklore Center Archives, ca. 1928–1981

UT Frank Erwin Special Events Center Records

UT Genetics Foundation Records, 1952–2000

UT Genetics Institute Records, 1972–2000

UT KUT Longhorn Radio Network Records

UT LAMP (Learning Activities for Mature People) Records, 1989–2007

UT Office of Community Relations, Division of Diversity and Community Engagement Records—Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Statue Material

UT Office of Public Affairs Records

UT School of Social Work Records, 1945–

UT Texas Union Records

UT University Health Services Records, 1930–2001

UT University Interscholastic League Records, 1913–


Faculty, Staff, and Administrators

George Abernathy Papers, 1950–1978

Garland Adair Papers, 1933–1958

Frederick J. Adams Papers, 1935–1942

Richard N. Adams Papers, 1967, 1968, 1980–1982

Walter Scott Adkins Papers, 1892–1963

Duane G. Albrecht Poster Collection, circa 1960s–2002

C. J. Alderson Papers, 1940–1969

Ruth Alice Allen Papers, 1943-1946, 1971, 1973

Winnie Allen Papers, 1863, ca. 1900, 1911–1964

Theodore Andersson Papers, 1969

Annie Bettie Armstrong biography of T.U. Taylor, 1934

Clarence Edwin Ayres Papers, 1919–1972

James Robinson Bailey Papers, 1898–1942

Lelia Bailey Dissertation, 1932

E. C. H. Bantel Papers, 1893–1962

Eugene Campbell Barker Papers, 1785 (1812–1959)

Thomas "Buddy" Barnes Photograph Collection, 1955–1970

Virgil Barnes Papers

Paul M. Batchelder Papers, 1917–1918

William James Battle Papers, 1870–1959

Mary Ella Batts Certificate, 1908

Robert Lynn Batts Papers, 1885–1935, 1949

Roy Bedichek Papers, 1897–1959

Harry Yandell Benedict Papers, 1855–1865, 1874–1940

Margaret C. Berry Papers, 1883–1993

Lula Mary Bewley Papers, 1885, 1917–1918, 1938

John H. Bickett, Jr. Papers, 1916–1970

Lawrence Biedenharn Papers, 1931–1997

Harold Billings Papers, 1956–2000

R. H. Bing Papers, 1934–1986

William Franklin Blair Photographs, ca. 1912–1930

Woodrow "Woody" W. Bledsoe Papers, 1950–1996

Mody Coggin Boatright Papers, 1907–1978

Morgan Callaway, Jr. Papers, 1849–1968

Laura L. Camden Photographic Archive

E. W. Cheney Papers, 1933–2005

Clark M. Cleveland Papers

Albert Everett Cooper Papers, 1914–1925

Alonzo B. Cox Papers

Bryce S. DeWitt Papers, 1919, 1946–2006 and undated

Edsger W. Dijkstra Papers, 1948–2002

James Frank Dobie Papers, 1923–1967

Edward L. Dodd Papers, 1913–1942

Almetris Marsh Duren Papers

Carl J. Eckhardt Papers, 1885–1985

David V. Edwards Papers, 1965–1977, 1988, 1991–1995

H. J. Ettlinger Papers, 1909-1981

David S. Evans Papers

Maurice Ewing Papers, 1912, 1925–1974

John Henry Faulk Papers, 1881, 1936–

Karl August Folkers Papers, 1960–1997

Joe B. Frantz Papers, 1801–1943, 1951

Llerena Beaufort Friend Papers

Laura Furman Papers, 1961–2001

Samuel Gideon Papers, 1908–1945

Thomas F. Glick Papers, 1804, 1849, 1940s, 1956–2002

Robert E. Greenwood Papers, 1881–1999

George Bruce Halsted Papers, 1722, 1745, 1810–1814, 1827–1936, 1950-1957, 1987–1997

Thomas M. Hatfield Papers

Jerry E. Hawkins Photograph Collection

Melissa Hield Papers, 1889–1991

Archibald A. Hill Papers, 1924–1989

Ira Iscoe Papers, 1966–1984

Robert C. Jeffrey Papers

Elmer Harrison Johnson Papers, 1906–1950

F. Burton Jones Papers, 1906–1999

William Dean Justice Papers, 1972–2000

John Matthias Kuehne Photograph Collection

Ralph E. Lane Papers, 1940–1969, 1991 and undated

Barnes F. Lathrop Papers, 1811–1909, 1930–1988

Gary M. Lavergne Papers

George Washington Littlefield Papers, 1860–1942

James Avery Lomax Family Papers, 1842, 1853–1986

Amy Jo Long Papers

R. G. Lubben Papers, 1922–1974

Alexander Macfarlane Collection, 1900–2006

Joseph Hoover Mackin Papers, 1930–2002

Thomas F. McGann Papers, 1945–1980

Standish Meacham Papers, 1966–1998

Walter E. Millett Papers, 1923–1928, 1946-2003

Harry Estill Moore Papers, 1915–1977

R. L. Moore Papers, 1875, 1891–1975

Clinton E. Norton Papers, 1997

Theophilus S. Painter Papers

J. R. Parten Papers, 1890–1899, 1913–1992

David F. Prindle Oral History Collection, circa 1978–1981

Harry Huntt Ransom Papers, 1933–1990

William T. Reid Papers, 1925–1977

Franklin E. Roach Papers

Delmer Rogers Collection, 1987–1994

Alfred Schild Papers, 1915–1982

Eugene Paul Schoch Papers, 1859–1967

W. Scott Schreiner Papers

Galen L. Seever Papers, 1953–1977

Allan Shivers Papers, 1949–1984

Aubrey E. Skinner Papers, ca. 1834–1985

Lee S. Smith Papers, 1865–1988

Athelstan Spilhaus Papers, 1912–2003

F. A. Stiles Papers, 1963–1971

John E. Sunder Texas Photograph Collection

Robert Lee Sutherland Papers

Lonn Taylor Papers

Betty Thompson Papers, 1973–1975

H. S. Vandiver Papers, 1889–1977

Robert P. Wagner Papers

H. S. Wall Papers, 1902, 1929–1974, 2006

John Edward Weems to Herbert R. Nubel Letters, 1959–1995

William Gordon Whaley Papers, 1939–1982

John Wheeler Papers, 1897–1987

Gordon Thomas Whyburn Papers, 1926–1929

Roger J. Williams Papers, 1920–1988

David M. Young Papers, 1950–1999


"Austin City Limits" Collection, 1987, 1991–2000

Jessie Andrews Collection, 1896–1928

Babs Bartow Papers, 1958

Thomas Belinoski Papers, 1975–1978

Barry Benefield Papers, 1911–1937

Max Herman Bickler UT Athletics Scrapbook, 1914–1916

Blacks at the University of Texas Photographs, 1946– ca. 1980

Phillip P. Cook Photograph Collection, ca. 1910–1930

Duarte (Susan Gaetz) Photographic Archive

Walker Evans Photo Assignment, 1974

Lena Hickman Papers, 1915, 1965

Ima Hogg Papers, 1824–1977

Claudia Taylor "Lady Bird" Johnson Collection, 2007

Austin Remember When Video Collection, KLRU, 1996–1997

Presidential Election of 1988 Study Collection, 1984–1992

Mechanical Harmonic Synthesizer / Multiharmonograph Collection, 1939–1948 and undated

James A. Michener Texas Project Archive, 1981–1992

Robert E. "Bud" Mims Papers, circa 1954–1959, 1983

Samuel Clark Red Papers, 1885, 1906, 1930

Gene Schulze Papers, 1978–2000

Heman Sweatt Symposium on Civil Rights Collection

Austin and the University of Texas Photographs, 1911

UT Barbara Jordan Historical Essay Competition Archive 1996–

UT Color Slides Collection

UT Fleming (Richard T.) University Writings Collections, 1920–1925, 1946–1972

"UT Remembers" Records