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Compute Magazine’s Entertainment Software Showcase
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Identifier: dv_00117
Title: Compute Magazine’s Entertainment Software Showcase
Description: Produced video with an advertisement for the Ad Lib sound card and gameplay demos from software companies Lucasfilm Games, Origin, Sierra On-Line and Spectrum HoloByte. The ads reference changes in gaming technology, with many spotlighting sound card support, 256-color VGA graphics and point-and-click interfaces. Spectrum HoloByte’s segments are notable for using live actors and stock film footage. Color picture with mono sound. Original VHS recorded at SLP speed. Order form is in the sleeve with the original VHS. Manufacturer catalog number is 2270. Time index is as follows: 1:15 Ad Lib sound card 5:29-14:32 Lucasfilm Games Section 5:52 Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe 7:56 The Secret of Monkey Island 10:14 Loom 11:11 Indiana Jones 12:25 Night Shift 14:32-26:02 Origin Section 14:57 Wing Commander 17:37 The Savage Empire 20:28 Ultima VI 23:42 Bad Blood 26:02-32:36 Sierra On-Line Section 26:10 King’s Quest V 26:36 Space Quest 27:05 Fire Hawk: Thexder 27:54 Mixed-up Mother Goose 28:59 Dynamix 29:00 A-10 Tank Killer 30:00 Rise of the Dragon, a Blade Hunter Mystery 30:47 Stellar 7 31:25 Red Baron 32:00 Heart of China 32:36-43:07 Spectrum Holobyte Section 33:25 Flight of the Intruder 36:16 Faces...Tris III 38:01 Stunt Driver 40:35 Falcon 3.0 43:07 Summation
Country: United States
Date: 1990
Creator: Compute Magazine; Simitar Entertainment (cover art, distribution)
Contributor: Lucasfilm Ltd.; Origin Games; Sierra On-line; Spectrum HoloByte
Source: Spector (Warren) Papers
Publisher: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History
Rights: Please contact the Briscoe Center for further information regarding the use of this material.
Box: 2009-232/1
Format: VHS
Duration: 43 minutes, 50 seconds