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The Petty Girl; Gamespot [TV] DX Review
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Identifier: dv_00125
Title: The Petty Girl; Gamespot [TV] DX Review
Description: Gamespot TV program featuring a review of Deus Ex and a segment with Warren Spector on the game design choices in Deus Ex. Digitized from TDK AQ T-120 videotape. First hour and a half of tape [not digitized] has a recording of the 1950 feature film "The Petty Girl." Index as follows: 01:00 Warren Spector on player choices in Deus Ex and justifications for designing the game as single player, first-person. 05:50 News: Dreamcast combats pirated games, Microsoft games ported to Mac and Valve releasing Gunman for Half-Life. 07:20 Review: Fur Fighters 09:24 Review: Street Fighter 3: Double Impact 11:40 Review: Rhapsody A Musical Adventure 13:38 Review: Vampire the Masquerade 16:00 Review: Deus Ex 18:30 Review: Parasite Eve II 20:25 Review: Dino Crisis 2 21:20 Cheats: Rainbow Six
City: San Francisco
State: California
Country: United States
Date: 2000/08/05
Creator: Savage, Annaliza (producer)
Contributor: Botello, Kate (host); Sessler, Adam (host); Spector, Warren (guest)
Source: Spector (Warren) Papers
Publisher: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History
Rights: Please contact the Briscoe Center for further information regarding the use of this material.
Box: 2009-232/1
Format: VHS
Duration: 22 minutes, 37 seconds