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The Subject Matter
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Identifier: dv_00179
Title: The Subject Matter
Description: Lecture given by Dr. Wiley for the "American Civilization By Its Interpreters" video series. Black and white picture with sound. Notes from technician: Audio is 2 channels mono. This program has more dropouts and tape scratches. Example at 00:07:41; 00:30:31. Slight RF noise in the picture, recorded into program; example 00:07:57; 00:09:53; 00:11:34. The tape had very poor control track as recorded. The program was recorded with wide horizontal blanking, causing black bars to the sides of the picture. There is some tearing on the professor’s shirt from high levels and over modulation at the time of the recording. There is occasional banding in the video, from the heads partially clogging, examples at 00:13:22; 00:14:55; 00:15:46; 00;17:30; 00:19:42. Multiple preparatory passes on this video to achieve playback, multiple cleanings and baking. Tape had severe sticky shed. This tape required an engineer to stay current with the head controls to maintain picture during the ingest.
City: Austin
State: Texas
Country: United States
Date: circa 1974
Creator: Woodward, C. Vann (lecturer)
Contributor: Frantz, Joe B. (project director); O’Keefe, David (television director); Pengra, Mike (assistant director); Hendricks, Lyle (art, set, and titles); Radio/Television, The University of Texas (producer)
Source: KLRU-TEMP Video Collection
Publisher: KLRU
Rights: Please contact the Briscoe Center for further information regarding the use of this material.
Box: 4137
Format: Videotape
Size: 2 in
Duration: 30 minutes, 34 seconds