Welcome to the Dirck Halstead Photographic Database.
    The Dirck Halstead Photographic Archive consists of black and white and color prints, negatives, slides, and manuscript materials created by the award-winning photojournalist during a career than spanned more than 40 years. This database showcases a small portion of Halstead´s body of work; it features a checklist of slides and a limited number of 35 mm black and white negatives described in the online finding aid. Over 1,000 additional images with item-level metadata are also available in this cyber gallery. To access other materials, including negatives and prints from the archive and a biography of Halstead, please consult the finding aid for the Halstead Photographic Archive, available online.
    To search for a particular image or group of images, enter a name (e.g. 'James Baker') or keyword (e.g. 'Vietnam') in the search box provided below, and choose whether you would like to search for listings with links to images or the complete database (e.g. text and images). In choosing an image search, a group of thumbnails will be returned; click on any of these to view a larger image and information about the image. An image gallery is also available that highlights the major subject areas of the collection, including United States Presidents, world events, and military conflicts.
    Reproduction of images contained in this database requires the photographer's permission. Please contact the Photographs Archivist at peterson@mail.utexas.edu for more information.
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