Foundation and Growth: Images of the University's Early Years

Varsity band, ca. 1901 which later became the Longhorn Band. CN 09260.

Dr. Eugene Paul Schoch, professor of chemical engineering, organized the Varsity Band, later to become the Longhorn Band. In this picture taken on the stage in the Old Main auditorium Dr. Schoch (with the moustache) is seated in the clarinet section. The band director (standing) is Dr. H.E. Baxter.
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  Varsity band, ca. 1901 which later became the Longhorn Band. cn09260
University Library, ca. 1898   University Library, ca. 1898. CN 00792

The University's library was located initially in a small, unlighted room on the top floor of the Old Main Building. In 1897, the library was relocated to larger quarters in the large hall under the auditorium. This move was undoubtedly brought on by the gift, that same year, of the splendid personal library of Sir Swante Palm. Palm's library contained some ten thousand books, and his generous donation doubled the size of the existing University library.
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First academic diploma, 1885. CN 09268

Although several law students earned degrees in the spring of 1884, it wasn't until June 1885 that an academic diploma was first awarded by The University. The recipient of that first academic diploma was Samuel Clark Red, who would later become a prominent physician in Houston. Diplomas in the early years of UT's history were signed by each member of the Board of Regents and each member of the faculty.
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  First academic diploma, 1885

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