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Harry Forest Annas Photograph Collection

Harry Forest Annas Photograph Collection: Harry Forrest Annas was born in Washington, Iowa, on February 27, 1897. After relocating to Lockhart, Texas in 1933, he purchased a photography studio. The studio prospered, and over the next forty years Annas amassed a sizeable photographic archive consisting of studio portrait work, weddings, parades, fairs, and other civic events.

An Artist at War

An Artist at War: Frank D. Duncan, Jr. was born in Chicago in 1916. A graduate of the Yale School of Fine Arts, Duncan was drafted into the U.S. Army, and bacame one of forty-two artists selected to participate in the War Art Program. This collection of his works represents his time in North Africa documenting the surrounding landscape and everyday life in the army camps. 



Governor Dolph and Mrs. Janey Briscoe Alamo Daguerreotype, 1849

Governor Dolph and Mrs. Janey Briscoe Alamo Daguerreotype, 1849: This 1849 daguerreotype of the façade of the Alamo chapel in San Antonio is the earliest datable photograph taken in Texas and the only extant photographic view of the Alamo made prior to its reconstruction in 1850. Governor and Mrs. Dolph Briscoe acquired this benchmark Texas photograph for the Center for American History in 1993.

Bronze Star Nurse

Bronze Star Nurse: Josephine Hobbs Kaser, World War II army nurse, public health nurse, and hospital administrator received the Bronze Star Medal for Meritorious Achievement for her military service. The Josephine Hobbs Kaser collection includes letters, diaries, military documents and photos. Her descriptions of life on board a hospital ship and in post war Japan are invaluable to the study of World War II, and especially the role American women played in the war effort.



The Jimmie Dodd Photograph Collection

The Jimmie Dodd Photograph Collection: Jimmie A. Dodd's work, as a professional freelance and commercial photographer, in South Texas spans the period from 1937 to 1966. His photographs document numerous aspects of Kingsville, the King Ranch, Kleberg County, and other Texas cities and towns.



 ExxonMobil Historical Collection

ExxonMobil Historical Collection: The ExxonMobil Historical Collection (EMHC) documents the long history of Exxon Mobil Corporation, concentrating on the activities and functions of four major corporate entities – Standard Oil Company, founded in 1870 by John D. Rockefeller, Mobil Corporation, Exxon Corporation and Exxon Mobil Corporation – as well as various predecessor, affiliate and subsidiary companies.



Focus on Texas History

Focus on Texas History: Online resource of primary source material from the Briscoe Center for American History's vast holdings related to Texas history. This resource focuses on the years 1820–1845, a period beginning with Anglo-American colonization and ending with annexation.



A Gift of Love: A Celebration of the Life of Almetris Marsh Duren

A Gift of Love: A Celebration of the Life of Almetris Marsh Duren, 1910–2000: Upon the occasion of her retirement in August, 1981, Mrs. Almetris Marsh Duren was celebrated by The University of Texas at Austin community as an irreplaceable lady of energy, commitment, humility, devotion, compassion and integrity. 

Henry B. Gonzalez: Voice of the People

Henry B. Gonzalez: Voice of the People: Henry B. Gonzalez, a highly revered and outspoken San Antonio Congressman, established a national reputation for public service and for his advocacy of economic justice and equality for all Americans. Known affectionately by thousands as "Henry B.," he left a legacy of achievements that shaped the American economy and society in the last half of the twentieth century.



R.C. Hickman Photographic Archive

R.C. Hickman Photographic Archive: R.C. Hickman was born in the small East Texas town of Mineola, Texas, in 1922. Hickman's interest in photography developed during WWII, where he established his credentials as an official army photographer. After the war, Hickman began a professional career in Dallas. Hickman also documented unequal school conditions for the NAACP during the fight to end segregation.





Late 19th Century Letterhead

Late 19th Century Letterhead in the Abel Head "Shanghai" Pierce Papers: The Abel Head "Shanghai" Pierce Papers documents Pierce's business, financial, and legal activities. Many of these letters are written on simple stationery but some show elaborate letterhead designs. This online exhibit showcases 125 examples of late nineteenth-century letterhead design.

Russell Lee Photograph Collection

Russell Lee Photograph Collection: The Briscoe Center for American History is proud to present an online version of our traveling exhibit of photographs by renowned documentary photographer Russell Lee. This exhibit offers a rare glimpse into the remarkably accomplished images he produced in 1935 and 1936 when he first took up a camera and goes on to highlight the vast body of important work that Lee produced from 1947 through 1977.

Calvin Littlejohn Photographic Archive

Calvin Littlejohn Photographic Archive: For nearly six decades, Calvin Littlejohn photographed the African–American community in and around Fort Worth, documenting its political, spiritual, and even recreational aspects.  His vast collection of portraits, dating from the mid-1940s, as well as his close association with area schools, further provide a rich visual account of this community following World War II.







Reading America's Photos

Reading America's Photos: Photojournalism and the American Presidency examines the powerful relationship between the almighty camera lens and the office of the president. These enduring images have shaped what we think of the American presidency and the select few who hold that office.

Rhone Family of Fayette County, Texas

Rhone Family of Fayette County, Texas: The Rhone Family Papers document aspects of the lives of members of a central Texas black family from 1886 to 1971. In addition to personal and professional documents, the Rhone Family Papers contain more than one hundred photographs. Among the photographs are several groupings of studio portraits that span a number of generations.

From Commerce to History: Robert Runyon's Postcards

From Commerce to History: Robert Runyon's Postcards of the Lower Rio Grande Valley and Brownsville 1910-1926. The Robert Runyon collection includes real photographic postcards (photographs printed on postcard stock instead of photographic paper), hand-tinted postcards, and several souvenir view folders. Images portray the flora, fauna, architecture, industry, and social life of Brownsville, Texas and the Lower Rio Grande Valley as well as the border conflict and revolution in Mexico during the years 1913-1916.

Robert Runyon: South Texas Border Area

Robert Runyon Photograph Collection of the South Texas Border Area: The Robert Runyon Photograph Collection of the South Texas Border Area, a collection of over 8,000 items, is a unique visual resource documenting the Lower Rio Grande Valley during the early 1900s. His photographs document the history and development of South Texas and the border, including the Mexican Revolution, the U.S. military presence at Ft. Brown and along the border prior to and during World War I, and the growth and development of the Rio Grande Valley.



Flip Schulke: Capturing the life of a leader in photos

Flip Schulke: Capturing the life of a leader in photos: The Dolph Briscoe Center for American History at The University of Texas at Austin is home to the Flip Schulke Photographic Archive, one of the most historically important collections documenting the civil rights movement of the 1960s.

Study of the Spanish-Speaking People of Texas

Study of the Spanish-Speaking People of Texas: Lee's photographs for the Study of the Spanish-Speaking People of Texas captured what he saw in Corpus Christi, San Antonio, San Angelo, and El Paso in 1949.



"To Whom Was This Sacrifice Useful?"

"To Whom Was This Sacrifice Useful?": The Texas Revolution and the Narrative of José Enrique de la Peña, showcases examples from the Center's archival collections relating to the history of the Texas Revolution.

Texas House Speakers Oral History Project

Texas House Speakers Oral History Project: The collection includes a rich primary archive and oral history collection of the individuals who have served as the presiding officer of the Texas House. From this collection, the conflicts and accomplishments that have faced lawmakers come to life in a firsthand account from House Speakers who have served from the 1950s to the current era.

Texas Poster Art Collection

Texas Poster Art Collection: In the late 1960s, Texas poster art, long an important mainstay of the state's printmaking tradition, entered a fertile and innovative period in Austin. Drawing inspiration from the counter culture and psychedelic music movements, a new generation of Texas graphic arts designers created one-of-a-kind posters. Today their works are considered some of the finest artifacts of this music poster explosion.



The University of Texas Naval ROTC Oral History Project

The University of Texas Naval ROTC Oral History Project: In 1943, University of Texas Naval ROTC students were placed on active duty and began living a military life on a university campus. The Naval ROTC Oral History Collection site includes biographical sketches, photographs and excerpts from video interviews.

The University of Texas Oral History Project

The University of Texas Oral History Project: The University of Texas has been shaped by people—fascinating, visionary, controversial, dedicated, diverse people. In order to capture the firsthand experiences of some who have helped build and mold the institution, the Office of the President and The Dolph Briscoe Center for American History have collaborated on The University of Texas Oral History Project. 



Verkin Photo Company Collection

Verkin Photo Company Collection: The Verkin Photo Company was located in the city of Galveston, Texas, but also conducted business in the surrounding area including Texas City and parts of East Texas. Photographers included Paul Verkin and his three sons. The majority of photographs in this collection represent daily life in Galveston throughout the first half of the 20th century (1900–1945). Many also document its famous events such as the 1900 and 1915 hurricanes.



The Winedale Story

The Winedale Story: "The Winedale Story" online exhibit is based on a permanent exhibit in Hazel's Lone Oak cottage at Winedale. The exhibit features facsimiles of photographs, maps, manuscripts, newspapers, and artifacts drawn from the Briscoe Center's extensive Texas history collections.

Tom Wright Photographic Archive

Tom Wright Photographic Archive: Tom Wright's work with The Who has produced an extensive photographic and audiotape archive documenting the group's artistic evolution from 1967 until the beginning of the 1990s. In addition to his work with The Who, Wright has also served as a photographer and/or road manager for the Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart and the Faces, Elvis Costello, and others.