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Center Launches Military History Institute, Supports "Last Best Hope" PBS Documentary

About the Film

What is the one principle or belief for which you would risk everything, including your life? Historic activism in its purest sense – for principles and values that are central to the human experience – finds its voice in "Last Best Hope: A True Story of Escape, Evasion, and Remembrance," a riveting, intimate, yet little-known story about the Belgian Resistance in World War II.

Bill Grosvenor (8th AF/56th FG, 61st SQ) - forged passport.

Accompany downed P-47 pilot Bill Grosvenor (8th AF/56th FG, 61st SQ) as he retraces his steps and reunites with the people of Belgium who chose to wage a secret war against Hitler through their efforts to harbor and repatriate Grosvenor and other Allied airmen who were stranded within their borders. Because of the selfless acts of his rescuers in the Belgian Resistance, Grosvenor stayed one step ahead of the Gestapo for seven months in 1943 and 1944 until his arrest and incarceration in a brutal Nazi prison in Brussels. After more than sixty years of silence, Resistance fighters have come forward to share their stories for the benefit of current and future generations.

The film explores the myriad motivations – ethical, spiritual,

and ideological – that propel one stranger to help another, despite the risk to his or her own life and everything dear.

The film was produced in Austin by executive producers David Grosvenor and Ramona Kelly, in collaboration with associate executive producer Walter Verstraeten of Antwerp, Belgium. Mat Hames, co-owner of Alpeus Media, Inc., is the film's director/screenwriter/editor. Wilson Waggoner, also co-owner of Alpheus Media, Inc., is the director of photography. The film features an original score by acclaimed composer Stephen Barber.


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