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Gov. Dolph Briscoe Shares His Life In Texas Ranching and Politics:
Memoir Released by Center for American History

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Dolph Briscoe:My Life in Texas Ranching and Politics

By Dolph Briscoe
As told to Don Carleton

Hardcover, 296 pages
70 black-and-white illustrations
ISBN: 978-0-09766697-2-2
Price: $29.95

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Dolph Briscoe has truly been an example to those of us who grew up in rural Texas—the gentleman, the astute statesman, the individual who could stand up and face the heat. He stayed with his principles and stayed with that vision that would change Texas forever.
—Texas Governor Rick Perry

Governor Briscoe was elected at a time when Texas was in turmoil, and he charted a course for this state in honesty and integrity and just plain old common-sense decency that has been unparalleled in this state's history.
—Former Texas Governor Mark White

Dolph Briscoe is a fine gentleman with outstanding integrity, and one of the best governors Texas has ever had.
—Former Texas Lieutenant Governor Bill Hobby

Governor Briscoe is a champion of Texas history and a dedicated friend of our great university.
—University of Texas at Austin President Bill Powers

AUSTIN, Texas — Dolph Briscoe, governor of Texas from 1973 until 1979, is the largest individual landowner and rancher in a state famous for its huge ranches. He is one of the most respected businessmen in Texas, with a portfolio that includes banks, agribusinesses, cattle, and oil and gas properties. His philanthropy has provided much-needed support to a wide range of educational, medical, scientific, and cultural institutions. And now, he tells his own story in Dolph Briscoe: My Life in Texas Ranching and Politics, published by the Center for American History at the University of Texas at Austin.

"Given Gov. Briscoe's many contributions to Texas, this memoir is of significant importance to the historical record," said Dr. Carleton. "It was immensely rewarding, on a professional and personal level, to work with Dolph Briscoe on his memoir. The final result captures the life of one of the finest public servants this state has ever produced."

As a member of the state legislature in the decade following World War II, Briscoe was the author of major legislation that improved the daily lives of farmers and ranchers throughout Texas. As an activist leader of the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association, Briscoe played a significant role in the successful effort to eliminate the screwworm, an age-old scourge of the livestock industry. As a friend and associate of a number of major American political figures, he has been an eyewitness to history. And as a governor who assumed office following the Sharpstown affair, one of the most far-reaching corruption scandals in Texas history, Briscoe played a crucial role in restoring public confidence in the integrity of state government.

To create this book, Don Carleton, executive director of the Center for American History, conducted a series of lengthy oral history interviews with Governor Briscoe. After each interview session, Carleton edited the transcripts to construct a narrative in the governor's voice. Throughout the process, Governor Briscoe read and revised the text.

"This book is entirely Gov. Briscoe's personal story in his own words," Carleton noted. "Despite his lifetime of accomplishment, his intense modesty makes it difficult for him to talk about himself. It was the cause of history, not the need for self-promotion, that persuaded him to give us this rich and fascinating memoir."

For more information, or to arrange a book signing or interview, please contact Erin Purdy,, 512-495-4692.

To purchase the book, please call 512-495-4684.

My Life in Texas Ranching and Politics will be featured in the Fall 2008 UT Press Catalog.