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Bexar Archives Online

Highlights from the Archive

Rebolledo's comments on Gálvez' instructions to Domingo Terán, with suggestions for the founding of settlements at Béxar, La Bahía, and among the Asinais and Cadodaches.

circa 1717

Rodríguez Mederos' municipal ordinance concerning completion of church by settlers.

October 2, 1745

Ugarte y Loyola to Martínez Pacheco, discussing funds collected for ransoming captives among Indians and taxes on mesteñas and wild cattle.

October 23, 1787

Correspondence between Father Garza and Muñoz, concerning foundation of Refugio Mission.

February 13, 1792

Census of La Bahía.


Project Details

About the Bexar Archives

The Bexar Archives are the official Spanish documents that preserve the political, military, economic, and social life of the Spanish province of Texas and the Mexican state of Coahulia y Texas. Both in their volume and breadth of subject matter, the Bexar Archives are the single most important source for the history of Hispanic Texas up to 1836.

Index of Translated Documents

Since 1934, the University of Texas at Austin has been translating the Bexar Archives. In addition to their translation duties, the translators have appended an Index of places and names to each translation volume. Each index term refers back to a page within the volume where the term can be found.

Originals & Translations, Side‐by‐Side

Where translations are available, researchers may view an original document from the Bexar Archives right beside its translation. Each page, both original and translation, can be viewed in close detail, and researchers can choose exactly which pages to view side by side, in the case of multi- page documents.

The Bexar Archives Calender

The Calendar of the Bexar Archives is a finding aid which describes each document found in the General Manuscript Series (which begins in Roll 8). Each entry in the Calendar describes the date, author, and place the document originated from, and indicates the frame on which the document can be found in the microfilm edition of the collection.

Additional Resources for the Collection

Includes inventories for the physical collection housed at the Briscoe Center, an overview of Census materials found in the collection, a guide to the Bexar Archives Name Index, and a Key to Document Abbreviations used in the Calendar.

Recent Translations

Nava to Muñoz, approving Muñoz' letter to Governor of Louisiana concerning traders and Indians, and acknowledging the arrival of Canoso.


June 5, 1794

Arispe to Paymaster of Béxar, forwarding stamped paper and different prices.


July 30, 1794

Nava to Governor of Texas, acknowledging receipt of military reports of Béxar and La Bahía.


July 29, 1794

Nava to Governor of Texas, giving instructions for management of Indians at San Antonio Missions.


July 29, 1794

Córdoba to [Carondolet], pointing out the effects of French trade with Indians and asking for orders forbidding such trade.


July 26, 1794

Nava to Governor of Texas, transmitting copy of royal cedula of February 28, concerning punishments for homicide.


July 23, 1794