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Bexar Archives OnlinePlace and Name Index

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Dates currently indexed:
12/24/1717 - 06/25/1733; 10/05/1733 - 05/06/1755;
01/13/1757 - 04/15/1778; 09/24/1778 - 12/31/1778;
03/16/1779 - 06/14/1779; 07/15/1779 - 07/28/1779;
08/17/1779 - 10/19/1779; 11/10/1779 - 12/20/1779;
01/01/1780 - 04/26/1780; 06/03/1780 - 06/26/1780;
08/16/1780 - 05/10/1794; 01/01/1804 - 01/31/1805

Since 1934, the University of Texas at Austin has been translating the Bexar Archives. In addition to their translation duties, the translators have appended an Index of places and names to each translation volume. Each index term refers back to a page within the volume where the term can be found.

example page from Bexar Archives index vol. 18

Detail from the first page of the Volume 18 Index.

The name terms include personal names as well as corporate names, such as "Canary Islanders," as seen in the detail from Volume 18.

The Bexar Archives Online project has begun converting these index terms to digital format, and combining them into one comprehensive index, thus freeing the individual indexes from the confines of the volume structure. Once all the index terms have been brought online, access to each term's occurrence on a given page will only be a click away.

The spelling of proper names has been standardized according to the individual's own signature whenever such was available. All the words have been capitalized and accented to conform with modern usage.