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The University of Texas at Austin


Newly Uncovered Collections

A - (top)

Abbey Publications Inc. Records
Abzug (Robert H.) Poster Collection
Acme Dry Goods Company Records
Adams (B. F.) Letter Books
Adams (Captain A. L.) Confederate Muster Roll
Adams (Eddie) Photographic Archive
Adams (Mark) Papers
Adams-Gilmore Family Papers
Advertising Federation of America Records
African American Sheet Music Collection
Aids Collection
Air Force Public Affairs Alumni Association Oral Histories Program Collection
Akers (Margaret T.) Papers
Alamo Items
Aldredge (Sawnie R.) Scrapbooks
Aldrich (Edwin) Papers
Allen (Jefferson) Letters
Alternative Views Video Collection
Altgelt (Max Axel) Letters
Alyn (Glen) Papers
American Legion Tickville Band Notebooks
Anderson (August) Family Photographs
Andersone's Account Ledger
Andrade (Juan Jose de) Items
Ansley (John Augustus) Journal
Anson (David C.) Photographic Collection
Art Sketch
Asinof (Eliot) Papers
Astronomical Photographs
Austin (J. Walker) Papers
Austin (Texas) Scrapbook
Austin American-Statesman Pulitzer Prize Nomination Scrapbook
Austin American-Statesman Sesquicentennial Oral History Collection
Austin Community Concert Association Scrapbooks
Austin Liquor Dealers Account Book
Austin Woman's Club Records
Aweusi (Alli) Collection
Ayres (Atlee B.) Papers

B - (top)

B Hall Photograph
Baethge (Johann Heinrich Ludwig) Family Papers
Bailey Bros. Circus Photographs
Bakal (Carl) Papers
Baker (Judge Wayne R.) Oral History Collection
Bandera County Old Settlers Association Minute Book
Baptists Scrapbook
Barkley (Alice Graves) Postcard Album
Barkley Family Photograph Album
Barnhart (John N.) Papers
Barron (Elbert Macby) Papers
Barron Field Photographs (Harriet, Hartford)
Bateman (J. Carroll) Papers
Baughman (Pat) Items
Baxter-Hollamon-Hampton Family Collection
Baylor Institute for Oral History Program
Beard (Robert B. and William H.) Manuscript
Beck (Joseph Harold) Papers
Bell (Lynn) Postcard Collection
Bell (Tony) Papers
Bell County Records
Bellamy (Ralph) Oral History Interview
Bentsen (Kenneth E.) Papers
Berg (Harold E.) Collection
Bergmann (Brad) Collection
Berly (Charlsie E.) Papers
Beth-El Congregation Records
Bishop (Curtis) Papers
Bishop (Randy Mack) Papers
Blalock (Myron G.) Collection
Blasig (Carl A.) Papers
Blodgett (Dorothy) Collection
Blundell (James H., Jr.) Papers
Bourland (James A.) Papers
Bower (Homer C.) Narrative
Bowers (Eugene W.) Papers
Bowers (John Henry) Family Papers
Bowie (James) Papers
Bowie (Margaret A.) Diary
Bowie County Records
Brackenridge (George) Estate Controversy Collection
Brackenridge (John T.) Papers
Bradbury (William) Papers
Braden (George D.)
Brady (Thomas Charles) Family Papers
Braniff Airlines Bankruptcy Case Files
Braniff Airlines Film
Brannin (Carl and Laura) Letters
Brazos and Galveston Railroad Company Records
Brazos County Records
Brenham (Texas) Photographs
Brewer (June H.) Oral History
Brewster (Jacob Dewitt) Papers
Bridges (C. A.)
Briggs (Clay Stone) Papers
Brigham (Asa) Papers
Briscoe (Governor Dolph, Jr.) Alamo Daguerrotype - Photo
Briscoe (Mary Jane Harris) and Looscan (Adele Lubbock Briscoe) Papers
Briscoe Family Genealogy Collection
Brister (Bob) Papers
Britton Collection of Texana
Brooks (Daniel Baugh) Letters
Brooks (John Sowers) Letters
Brooks (Philip C.) Report
Brooks (Victor Lee) Papers
Brown (Betty) Papers
Brown (J. L.) Department Store Records
Brown (John M.) Reminiscences
Brown and Root, Inc. Photographs
Brown, Lane and Garwood Law Firm Records
Bruckmüller (Joseph) Notebook
Bryan (Beauregard) Papers
Bryan (Erin) Diary
Bryan (Frank) Papers
Bryan (James Lecompte) Papers
Bryan (James Perry) Papers
Bryan (Lewis Randolph, Jr.) Reminiscences
Bryant (Charles Grandison) Papers
Bryant (Maurine) Collection
Bryson (James Gordon)
Buchanan (A. W.) Papers
Buckley (William F.) Firing Line Catalog
Buffalo Altar, a Texas Symphony, Recording
Bunting (Henry S.) Papers
Bunting (Robert Franklin)
Bunton (John Wheeler)
Buquor (P. L.) Papers
Burges-Jefferson Family Papers
Burke (John R.) Papers
Burkett (Nathan Boone) Reminiscences
Burleson (David Crockett) Family Papers
Burleson (Edward, Jr.) Papers
Burleson (Emma Kyle) Scrapbook
Burleson (Richard Byrd) Papers
Burnett (Thomas R.) Papers
Burns (Robert A.) Collection
Burress (Evelyn) Papers
Burton (Margaret Sealy) Letters
Bushyhead (Dennis W.) Papers
Butler (John Roche) Papers
Byers (Bo) Oral History Collection
Byrne (Charles R.) Papers

C - (top)

Cagle Family Papers
Cahan (Grace Mirabella) Papers
Caldwell (Frank) Collection
Caldwell County Oral History Collection
Calhoun (Ron) Papers
Callaway (Joshua K.) Papers
Cameron (Minnie B.) Narrative
Camp Mabry Records
Camp Macarthur, Waco, Texas Photograph
Camp Swift Oral History Project
Camp Wallace World War Ii Collections
Campbell (Andrew Jackson) Papers
Campbell (Jack) Letters
Campbell (James Mcginley) Diary
Campbell (John E.) Letters
Campbell (R. K. and J.E.) Diary
Campbell (Robert Blair) Papers
Campbell (Thomas Mitchell) Papers
Canaday (John Edwin) Papers
Canary Islanders Records
Cannon (Benjamin Bartlet) Journal and Family History
Canyon Dam Slides - Photos
Capitol Hotel (Houston) Letterhead
Capps (Velma Pool) Collection
Caraway (T. G.) Collection
Carmine (Texas) Post Office Records
Carothers (Samuel D.)
Carrington (Leonidas Davis) Papers
Carroll (Benajah Harvey, Jr.)
Carson (Samuel Price)
Carter (John W. 'Bill') Papers
Carter (Robert Goldthwaite) Papers
Carter (William Samuel) Papers
Carthar (C. G.) Certificate
Cartledge (Eugene C.) Papers
Carttar (George C.) Papers
Carttar (John G.) Collection
Casanas de Jesus Maria (Fray Francisco)
Caskey (Eugene M.) Papers
Castañeda (Juan de) Report
Casteel (C. C.) Photograph Collection
Castrillon (Nepomuceno)
Cator (John B. and Robert) Papers
Catt (Mrs. Reeves)
Cattle and Ranch Collection
Caughon (John) Deed
Cavaness (I. F.) Diary
Cavitt (Josephus) Papers
Cazneau (Jane Mcmanus Storms) Papers
Cearley (Ramona) Collection
Centennial Farmers Alliance No. 3344 Records
Central America Collection
Chaffin (John Ellis) Family Bible
Chaffin Family Papers
Chamberlain (B. P.) Postmark Book
Chamberlin (Don A.)
Chambers (E. W.) Diary
Chambers (Thomas W.) Papers
Chambers (William Clinton) Papers
Champenois (John Franklin) Family Papers
Chapman (Jim) Papers
Charleston Courier Letters
Charro Days Collection
Chase (Mary Henrietta) Papers
Chatham (J. W.) Diary
Cheney Family Papers
Chenoweth and Clark Papers
Cherino Alliance Ledger
Childers (George Purl) Papers
Chilton (Frank B.) Papers
Chisholm (Jesse) Papers
Chrisman (John H.) Reminiscences
Churchill (Winston) Letter
Cirincione (Dominick J.) Photograph Archive
Civil War Scrapbook
Civilian Conservation Corps In Texas Records
Clabaugh (S. N.) Reminiscences
Clapp (David C.)
Clark (A. H.) Company
Clark (Benjamin F.)
Clark (Edward) Papers (Governor)
Clark (Horace, Jr.) Papers
Clark (James) Family Papers
Clark (Orrie S.) Papers
Clark (Simeon English) Papers
Clark (Thomas) Loyalty Oath
Clarke (Elizabeth Ross) Narrative
Clarke (George Rogers) Papers
Clay (John V.) Collection
Clay (Nestor and Tacitus) Papers
Clay County Narrative
Clayton (Nicholas J.) Papers
Clayton (William Lockhart) Papers
Clegg (Dorah) Diary
Clemens (Frank) Photograph Album
Cleveland (James Travis and William H.) Papers
Cleveland (Larkin) Deed
Coahuila y Tejas Legislative Plan
Coalson (Paul) Estate Account
Cochran (Walter C.) Reminiscences
Cochrane (Richard E.) Papers
Cockrell (Monroe F.)
Coe (Frank ) Narrative
Coe (Garrie F.) Notebook
Cofer (R. E.) Papers
Coffee (Holland) Papers
Coffee (W. R.) Diary
Coke (Richard) Scrapbook
Coker (Edward Caleb) Papers
Cole (James Reid) Papers
Coleman (Ann Raney Thomas) Papers
Coleman (William G.) Papers
Coleman-Fulton Pasture Company Oral History Collection
Coles (John P.) Papers
Collett (James H.) Papers
Colp (David E.) Papers
Colquitt (Rawlins M.) Papers
Colson (J. B.) Photograph Collection, 1997-2000
Comanche County Baptist Association Records
Combat At Sea Film Collection
Community Services Administration, Region VI, Records
Conference for Education In Texas Records
Connally (Tom) Papers
Connally (William Price, Jr.) Papers
Connellee (Charles Ulrich) Papers
Cook (James M.) Papers
Cook (Morris G.) Collection
Cooke (William G.) Family Collection
Coop (Leonard C.) Photograph Album
Cooper (Oscar Henry) Papers
Cordova (George Lee) Papers
Coryell (J.R.) Papers
Council of the Americas NAFTA Collection
Cousins (Robert Bartow, Sr.)
Cox (Mike) Papers
Cox (Nellie Stedman) Papers
Cox-Murray Family
Craig (Sallie E.) Photographs
Cram (Ira and Cathryn) Collection
Cranfill (J. B.) Papers
Cravens (L. M.) Papers
Crawford (William Carroll) Papers
Creaton (John) Reminiscences
Cressinger (Jacob R.) Papers
Crimmins (Martin Lalor)
Crittenden (John) Letters
Crockett (David) Papers
Crockett (Edward Richardson) Diary
Croner (Herbert J.) Papers
Crowe (Bailey Benge) Papers
Culberson (Charles Allen) Letters
Culberson (Olin Wellborn Nichols)
Cum Concilium Club (Nacogdoches) Records
Cumley (James T.) Papers
Cummins (William Fletcher) Papers
Cutting (Melvin R.) Diary

D - (top)

Dallas Morning News (Phil Gramm) Papers
Dallas Scripts Collection
Dalton (J. Frank) Papers
Dancy (Oscar Cromwell) Papers
Dancy Plantation Weaving Collection
Daniel (Douglass K.) Papers
Daniel (Ferdinand Eugene) Papers
Darden (Fannie A. D. Baker) Narrative
Dashiell (Jeremiah Yellott) Papers
Daugherty (James Monroe) Papers
Daughters of the Republic of Texas (William Barret Travis Chapter) Records
Davenport (Harbert) Papers
Davenport, Crittenden, and Harver Families Papers
David Hameter vs. United States Army Legal Documents
Davidson (James D.) Letters
Davidson (S. G.) Papers
Davis (John T.) Papers
Davis (Mathew Jack) Narrative
Davis (Nathaniel Hart) Papers
Davis (Nicholas A.) Papers
Day (R. L.) Papers
De Young (Mary and Garry) Papers
Dealey (George B.) Papers Renamed Dallas Morning News Kennedy Administration Editorial Records
Decherd (Mary Elizabeth) Papers
Degress (Jacob Carl) Scrapbook
Delta Kappa Gamma, Beta Zeta Chapter, Society Records
Depwe (Dorothy Mcrae) Collection
Dewitt Family Photographs Collection
Dexter (Anella) Papers
Dickson (Fagan) Papers
Dickson (Joseph J.) Muster Roll
Dielmann (Leo M. J.) Papers
Dill (Glenn Estes) Collection
Dimitt (Philip) Papers
Dobie (Dudley R.) Papers
Dobie (Martha) Collection
Dodge (William Walter) Collection
Donelson (Andrew Jackson) Papers
Donelson (William A.) Family Papers
Doom (David Houston) Family Photographs
Dowell (Maurice H.) Papers
Downs (J. T., Sr.) Collection
Doyle (L. O.) Papers
Droddy (William A.) Diary
Dublin (Texas) Reunion Park Association
Dubose (John Witherspoon) Narrative
Duckworth (Allen) Papers
Duckworth-Smith-Mcpherson Family Papers
Dudley (John S.) Papers
Duerr (Christian Friedrich) Papers
Duff (C.T.) Scrapbook
Duguid (John) 1964 CIA/Cuba Ship Sabotage Slides
Duke (Barbara M.) Collection
Duke (Cordelia Sloan) Papers
Duke-XIT Ranch Collection
Duncan (Frank) Papers
Duncan (S. W. S.) Land Title Office Records
Dunlap (A. H.) Papers
Dunn (Charlie) Collection
Dunn (Mary) Papers
Dunn (William E.) Papers
Dunning (M. A.) Cartoons
Dunton (W. Herbert)
Dupont (Henry Belin) Photographs
Durgin (Jane) Papers
Durham (George John) Narrative
Durrwachter (Henry Louis, Jr.) Papers
Duval (Burr H.) Papers
Duval (Hugh H.) Papers
Duval (John Crittendon) Papers
Duval (Thomas Howard)
Dwyer (Thomas) Papers
Dyer Family Papers

E - (top)

Eagle Pass, Texas, Photo Postcards
Eagle Pass, Texas, Photographs, 1905
Eakin (Michael) Papers
Earle (Edward) Papers
Earle (J. P.) Narrative
Earnest (Felix B.) Papers
East (James H.) Papers
Eastern Texas Railroad Company Ledger
Eastland (Nicholas W.) Papers
Eaton (Alcinus Young) Diary
Ector (Mathew Duncan)
Eddins (Roy) Narrative
Edman (Grace) Papers
Edmunds (Ernestine) Scrapbook
Education in Texas Scrapbook
Education Scrapbook
Edwards (Erasmus) Papers
Edwards (Haden) Papers
Edwards (Herbert Rook) Papers
Edwards (Lillian Owen) Papers
Edwards (Mary Lee) Photograph Collection
Edwards (Peyton Forbes)
Ehrenberg (Hermann) Narrative
Eidson (James A.) Papers
Eisenhower (Dwight D.) Scrapbook
Eisenlohr (Gustav W.)
El Paso (Texas) Irrigation Study Records
El Paso Guides
Elguezabal (Juan Bautista) Reports
Ellingsen (Stanley J.) World War II Photograph Collection
Elliott (Robert Woodward Barnwell) Report
Ellis (Richard) Speech
Embree (Henrietta Baker) Diary
Embree (Tennessee Keys) Papers
Emerson (Dorothy) Collection
Emery (Diane Gail) Papers
England (Thomas Y.) Papers
Epperson (Benjamin Holland) Papers
Erath (George Bernard)
Erhard (Cayton) Papers
Ericson (Alice Lee) Papers
Erskine (Andrew Nelson) Papers
Espada Ditch Company
Espinosa (Juan Jose) Letters
Estes (W. Lee) Papers
Evans (J. F.) Narrative
Evans (William) Papers
Everett (Charles) Papers
Everett (Edward) Papers
Ewing (Alexander Wray) Papers

F - (top)

Faires (Laurie Bell Sutherland Dickson) Photograph Album, ca. 1880-1900
Fairfax (A. B.) Papers
Faison (P. B.) Papers
Fannin (James Walker, Jr.) Papers
Fanthorp Inn Records
Farrow (Barbara J.) Collection
Faulk (John Henry) Photographs, 1987
Faulk (John Henry) vs. Aware Inc., Laurence A. Johnson and Vincent Hartnett Case Records
Faust (Louis F.) Letters
Faw (Hannah Easley) Scrapbook
Faye (Stanley) Narratives
Fayette County (Texas) Records
Federal Archives Report
Fehrenbach (T.R.) Papers
Felloseby (John) Letter
Fellowes (Georgina Kendall) Scrapbooks
Fenker (Richard) Photograph Collection
Field (Albert Francis) Letter
Field (Henry M.) Papers
Finley (Richard W.) Papers
Finn (Tim) Autobiography
Fisher (George G.) Papers
Fisher (George) Papers
Fisher (James League) Papers
Fisher (Orceneth A.) Papers
Fisher (Rebecca J.) Papers
Fitch (Albert C.) Diary
Fitzhugh (J. D.) Papers
Flanagan (Sue) Papers
Fleming (J.R.) Papers
Fontaine (W. W.) Papers
Forbes (John) Papers
Forbes (John) vs. Nicholas D. Labadie
Fordtran-Mcgregor Family Papers
Fore (Walker) Papers
Fort Clark Records
Fort Concho Telegrams
Fort Duncan Records
Fort Ewell Records
Fort Hudson (Texas) Collection
Fort Worth (Texas) Jewish History Collection
Fort Worth (Texas) Narrative
Fort Worth Trades Assembly
Foster (Marcellus Elliot) Papers
Foster (Samuel Thompson) Papers
Foulke (William D.) Papers
Foulois (B. D.) Letter
Fourth South Dakota Infantry San Benito, Texas, Collection
Fowler (Littleton) Papers
Fox (Lorena Hillyer) Papers
Franke Ranch Records
Franklin (Benjamin Cromwell) Papers
Frantz (Ezra A.) Papers
Frazor Family Papers
Freeman (J.D.) Papers
Freeman (James W.) Family Papers
Freie Presse Für Texas Records
Freier (Paul Henry) Papers
French (George Q.) Letters
French In Texas Oral History Collection
French National Archives Records
Friend (Kate) Music Collection
Frontier Protection Records
Fulmore (Zachary Taylor) Papers
Fulton (George W. and James C.) Papers

G - (top)

Galin (Tad) Memoir
Gallagher (Peter) Diary
Gallant (Frank) Prints, 1936
Galloway (J. J.) Report
Galloway (Robert L., Sr.) Papers
Galveston (Texas) Screwmen’s Benevolent Association
Galveston (Texas) Typographical Union Records
Galveston and Brazos Navigation Company Deed
Galveston Bay and Texas Land Company
Gammage (Troupe Earnest) Papers
Garcia (Franklin) Papers
Garcia (Macario) Papers
Gardner (Elizabeth F.) Papers
Garner (Carl Douglas and Alma Catherine Cooper) Papers
Garrett (William) Papers
Garrety (Joseph W.) Petition
Garwood (W. St. John) Papers
Garza (Ambrocio de la) Papers
Garza (Jose Antonio de la) Papers
Garza (Jose Antonio de la) Papers
Garza (Maria Gertrudis de la) Will
Gaston (W. H.) Scrapbook
Gayle (Alexander T.) Papers
Geer (W. L.) Papers
General Council Records
General Orders No. 11
Gentzen (Arthur E.) Papers
Geological Survey of Texas Records
George (Andrew W.) Papers
George (J. C.) Papers
Georgia Letters
German Scrapbook
Germans in Texas Scrapbook
Geue (Ethel Hander) Papers
Giesecke (F. E.) Papers
Giesecke (Julius) Papers
Gilbert (Charles Edwin) Papers
Giles (Alfred) Building Specification
Giles (Annie Barnhart) Papers
Gillespie (David B.) Papers
Gillespie (R.A.) Letter
Gillespie County (Texas) Census Records
Gillespie County (Texas) Collection
Gillespie County Alliance Minutes
Gillette (Michael L.) Collection
Gilligan (Arthur E.) Diary
Gipson (Fred) Papers
Gish (Wesley Gibson)
Given (Mrs. B. S.) Papers
Givens (N.) Letter
Glascock (James A.) Diary
Glasgow (Alexander M.) Papers
Glasscock (Stephen Coleman) Papers
Glimp (Thomas H.) Papers
Goddess of Liberty Film Footage
Goen (Morris) Photograph Collection
Goforth (J. T.) Papers
Goliad (Texas) Records
Gonzales County (Texas) Collection
Gonzales County (Texas) Legal Records
Good Neighbor Commission Records
Goodknight (Lillian Prewitt) Papers
Goodman (H. H.) Essay
Goodner (B. C.) Diary
Goodridge (C. F.) Papers
Gordon (George A.) Letters
Gordon (Mary Bouhanan) Reminiscinces
Gordon (Thomas Tolson) Reminiscences
Gorostiza (Manuel Eduardo de) Papers
Gould (Francis Lewis) Papers
Gould (Lewis L.) Collection of American Political History, 1870-1920
Gould (Lewis L.) Collection of Modern American Political History
Gouverneur (Samuel, Jr.) Diary
Govenar (Alan) Collection
Governor's Race Scrapbooks
Graham (Edwin S.) Papers
Graham (Eric) Music Video Collection
Granbery (John C.) Papers
Granbury College Register
Grange in Texas Collection
Grant (A. V.) Papers
Grant (Ben Z.) Papers
Grant (George A.) Reminiscences
Graves (Effie) Reminiscences
Graves (L. H.) Diary
Gravis (Peter W.) Papers
Gray (Clarence T.) Papers
Gray (Martha Nettie Mcfarlin) Papers
Grayson County Collection
Grayson Family Papers
Grazing Industry Papers
Green (Thomas Jefferson) Papers
Green (Thomas) Papers
Green (W. B. and Ada) Goforth Mercantile Ledgers
Green (Zeddie A.) Papers
Greenwood (C. L.) Collection
Greer (Dewitt Carlock) Collection
Greer (Lewis V.) Papers
Gregg Family Papers
Gregory (A. S.) Letter
Griffin (James B.) Family Papers
Grimes (Jesse) Papers
Griscom (George L.) Diary
Groce Family Papers
Groot (Pieter) Reminiscences
Grover (George W.) Papers
Gruene (Ernest K.) Narrative
Guajardo (L. Alberto) Narrative
Guenther (Carl Hilmer)
Guinn (Ernest E.) Papers
Guinn (Joanne Steed) Papers
Gullett (Andrew) Papers
Guthrie (James Edwin) Narrative

H - (top)

Haas (Oscar) Papers
Haass (H. E.) Papers
Hackberry Literary Club (Collin County) Minutes
Hagan (Robert) Diary
Hale (Edward Everett) Papers
Hale (Philip Smith) Papers
Hale (William Job) Letters
Haley (James Evetts) and XIT Lawsuit Scrapbook
Halff (G. A. C.) Papers
Halifax (Edward Frederick Lindley Wood, Earl of) Letters
Hall (Horace Mark) Papers
Hall (Michael G.) Papers
Hall (W. C.) Papers
Hall (Walter) Oral History Transcripts
Hamer (Marcelle Lively) Papers
Hamilton (Andrew J.) Papers
Hamilton (James) Papers
Hamilton (Jeff) Interview
Hamilton (John Judson) Papers
Hamilton (William Scudder) Diary
Hamman (William Harrison) Papers
Hammeken (George Louis) Statements
Hammond (Marcus C.) Letterbook
Hamner (Laura V.) Narrative
Hamner (Laura V.) Papers
Hampton (Thomas B.) Letters
Hancock (Edwin B.) Diary
Hancock (W. Daniel) Collection
Hander (Christian Wilhelm) Papers
Hanewald (Gus) Diary
Hanke (Frank O.) Papers
Hankins (E. C.) Papers
Hanks (O. T.) Reminiscences
Hanna (David S.) Papers
Hanna (Ebenezer) Diary
Hanna (Sam) Scrapbook
Hannemann (Jane) "Today's Pioneer Women" Oral Histories
Hanrick (Edward) Papers
Hansbrough (O. A. "Gus") Narrative
Hanson (Everett Andrew) Papers
Harby (Lee C.) Papers
Hardcastle (Garet S.) Letter
Harden (Edward) Letters
Hardin (John Wesley) Papers
Hardy (George) Papers
Harkey (R. W.) Letter
Harkins (Marilouise Chambers) Papers
Harlan (Charles T.) Papers
Harnsberger (C.G.) Papers
Harpold (Martha Washington) Scrapbook
Harris (August Watkins) Papers
Harris (Edmond L.) Letter
Harris (John Charles) Papers
Harris (Mrs. Dilue "Rose") Reminiscences
Harris (Raymond B.) Diary
Harrisburg (Texas) Stock Certificate
Harrison County (Texas) Records
Hart (Joseph B.) Letters
Hart (V. T. and Son) Scrapbook
Hartford Fire Insurance Company Lumber Mill Book
Hartman (Carl G.) Papers
Hartz (Edward L.) Reminiscences
Hartzo (Daniel) Diary
Harvey (Frances) Papers
Harvey (J. S.) Letter
Harvin (E. L.) Essays
Harwood (Ruth) Papers
Haskew (Peter) Diary
Hassell (Samuel Lomax) Photograph
Hatch (James) Papers
Hatch (Sylvanus) Memoirs
Hatcher (Mattie Austin) Papers
Hatfield (Charles A. P.) Report
Haubold (Cleve) Papers - UT Related
Haun (Christiane) Travel Report
Haupt (Sebastian) Papers
Haydon (Charles E.) Papers
Hayes (Anice) Papers
Hayes (Rutherford B.) Diary
Haynes (John L.) Papers
Hays (John Coffee) Collection
Hayslip (Ann Lee Eubank) Letter
Haystack Murder Trial Record
Heartsill (John R.) Diaries and Memoranda
Heidenheimer Brothers Business Records
Heiligenthal (Engelbert) Business Records
Heldman (Gladys) Papers
Helland (Hans) Papers
Helland (Hans) Scrapbook
Hemphill (John) Letter
Hemphill (Robert R.) Papers
Henderson (Frank Vick) Diary
Henderson (Frank W.) Papers
Henderson (H. M.) Papers
Henderson (James Pinckney) Family Papers
Henderson (Sam) Papers
Henderson (Thomas Stalworth) Papers
Hendricks (John Abram) Papers
Hendricks (Pearl) Papers
Hendricks (Sterling Brown) Reminiscences
Henkel (David H.) Papers
Henkel (George August Edward) Papers
Henry (Diana Mara) Photographic Archive
Henson (William N.) Family Papers
Herbst (Carl Heinrich) Papers
Herff (Charles Adelbert) Reminiscences
Herrera (Blas) Letter
Hickey (T. A.) Papers
Hildebrand (Mrs. Walter) Papers
Hill (Augustus M.) Papers
Hill (Caryl Clyde) Papers
Hill (James Monroe) Papers
Hill (John R.) Papers
Hill (John W.) Papers
Hill (Leonidas Carrington) Family Papers
Hill (Raymond A.) Papers
Hill (S. Lillian Ochiltree) Narrative
Hill (William Hickman) Letter
Hill-Milam Family Papers
Hilliard (Robert C.) Papers
Hines (Barbara) Papers
Hinkle (Milt) Papers
Hinton (Addison C.) Papers
Hoch (Valentine) Papers
Hodge (Thomas F.) Reminiscences
Hodges (Galen) Papers
Hodges (Graham R.) Print Collection
Hoertel (Bruce) Photographs
Hoffmann von Fallersleben (August Heinrich) Collection
Hogg (Lewis) Items
Holbrook (Abigail Curlee and Thomas Jefferson) Papers
Holliday (George H.) Memoirs
Hollimon (Blaine S., Jr.) Collection
Holman (J. A.) Letters
Holman (J. R.) Papers
Holmes (James S.) Papers
Holmstrom (Carl Gustaf) Family Papers
Holt (Herbert) Papers
Home To War / Vietnam Veterans Archive
Hood's Brigade, 5th Texas Regiment, Muster Roll
Hopkins (Benjamin W.) Papers
Hopkins (Desmond Pulaski) Papers
Hornaday (Walter C.) Papers
Horne (William T.) Papers
Horst (Louis) Papers
Horton (Albert Clinton) Papers
Horton (Alexander) Reminiscences
Horton (H. G.) Papers
Horton (Hal C.) Speech
Horton (Louise) Papers
House (Boyce) Papers
House (Edward Mandell) Papers
House (Thomas William) Papers
Houston (Eliza) Narrative
Houston (Margaret Moffette Lea) Letters
Houston (Samuel Jr.) Papers
Houston (Temple Lea) Papers
Houston (Texas) Papers
Houston Post Photographs, 1973
Houston Post, Washington D.C. Bureau, Collection
Hovey (Charles Smith) Papers
Howard (George Thomas) Family Papers
Howard (William E.) Papers
Howe (Milton G.) Papers
Howell (W. Randolph) Papers
Hubbard (Carroll) Oral History
Hubert (M.A.) Diary
Huddle (William H.) Scrapbook
Hudson (R. W.) Papers
Huff (William P.) Journal
Hughes (Benjamin Franklin) Diary
Hughes (Howell R.) Narrative
Hughey (Allen A.) Papers
Huling (Thomas Byers) Papers
Humboldt (Alexander von) Papers
Hume (J. L.) Papers
Hummon (Goldie and Floyd) Papers
Hunter (Henry M.) Letters
Hunter (Morgan) Oral History Collection
Hunter (Nathaniel Wych and Malcolm Kenmore) Family Papers
Hunter (Robert Hancock) Diary
Hurley (W. W.) Letters
Huson (Hobart) Papers
Huval (Bonnie D.) Papers
Hyland-Gould-Sharkey Papers

I - (top)

Ikard (W. S.) Papers
Indian Picture Writing Collection (O. L. Sims)
Indianola (Tex.) Letter
Industrial Areas Foundation Records
International Association of Business Communicators Records
Interstate Commerce Commission Minutes
Iran-Contra Hearings Videotapes
Ireland (John) Papers
Israelsky (Merle C.)

J - (top)

Jackson (A. M.) Letters
Jackson (Andrew) Letters
Jackson (C. D.) Narrative
Jackson (Pearl Cashell) Papers
Jackson (Peter Crawford) Papers
Jackson (R. E.) Reminiscences
Jackson (W. R.) Reminiscences
James Family Papers
Jaques (Richard) Letters
Jaybird Association Papers
Jayne (Brewster H.) Letter
Jefferson (Thomas) Papers
Jernigan (Albert) Letter
Jessup (Charles L.) Papers
Jester (C. L.) Narrative
Jewell (Don) Papers
Jimmie Rodgers Jubilee Photographs
John F. Knott Cartoon Scrapbook
Johnny Copeland and Texas Blues Program
Johns (Edward) Papers
Johnson (Andrew Percy and Barbara Gordon) Papers
Johnson (Charles B.) Papers
Johnson (Lyndon B.) Items
Johnson (Marie Kuhn) Collection
Johnson (Moses) Papers
Johnson Presidential Library Items
Johnston (Bob) Collection
Jones (Anson) Papers
Jones (Cromwell Anson) Papers
Jones (Glenn W.) - Gary R. Smith Collection
Jones (Hugh N.) Papers
Jones (Lou) Photographic Archive
Jones (M. T.) Lumber Company Records
Jones (Mary C.) Papers
Jones (Rufus R.) Papers
Jones (Travis Fleming) Reminiscences
Jordan (Anne M.) Music Collection
Journey from Ignorant Ridge Collection
Journey to the Sky: A History of the Alabama and Coushatta Indians Film
Junior Historians Picture File

K - (top)

Karam (Elias B.) Family Papers
Keeble Family Papers
Keeling (Walter A.) Papers
Kegley (Sem) Papers
Kellersberger (Arnold Charles) Papers
Kelley (Dan Austin) Family Letters
Kellogg (Miner Kilbourne) Papers
Kendall (Carleton W.) Papers
Kennedy (John Fitzgerald) Collection
Kennedy (Robert F.) Items
Kennedy (William) Papers
Kenney (Martin Mchenry) Papers
Keyes (Lucile Sheppard) Narrative
Keystone View Co. 'Tour of the World' Stereographs
Kilgore (Joe M.) Papers
Killam (Radcliffe) Oral History
Killen (Florence Fields) Papers
Kilpatrick (J.J., Sr.) Papers
Kincaid (Edgar Bryan, Jr.) Papers
King (Alma Dexta) Narrative
Kingsbury (Gilbert D.) Papers
Kinsolving (George Herbert) Papers
Kirchenbuch der Protestantischen Gemeinde Neu Braunfels (Texas) Numbers I and II
Kirk (Curtis) / Tyler Publishing Co. Audio Archives
Kirkpatrick (James J.) Diary
Kittrell (Pleasant Williams) Papers
Kleiber (Joseph) Papers
Klru Temp Videotape Collection
Knapp (Obadiah M.) Papers
Knight (John A. E.) Papers
Knights of the Golden Circle Address
Kohlberg (Ernst) Letters
Kramer (John R.) Papers
Kreisle (James E.) Family Papers
Kress (Margaret K.) Papers
Krueger (Bob) Papers
Ku Klux Klan Scrapbook
Kubicek Collection on the Assassination of John F. Kennedy
Kuechler (Jacob) Papers

L - (top)

L'archévèque (Jean) Items
La Villita Corporation Records
Lacoste (Jean Baptiste) Papers
Lacy (Thomas J.) Letters
Lamar (Mirabeau B.) Papers
Lamb County Leader Photograph Collection
Land Grants
Landers (Howard L. Col.) Papers
Lane (Dr. ?) Collection
Lang (Herbert H.) Narrative
Langford (J. O.) Reminiscences
Langston (Dean H.) Collection
Larson (James) Memoirs
Lasseter (Mrs. H. Elbert) Papers
Lavender (Eugenie Etiennette) Biography
Lawrence (John W.) Papers
Leader, The, (Navasota) Ledger Book
Leaming (Thomas F.) Papers
Lechtman (Pamela) Collection - Anti-Smoking Archive
Ledbetter (Barbara Neal) Collection
Ledbetter (John J.) Papers
Ledbetter (Lena Dancy) Counterpane Samples Collection
Ledbetter (Lena Dancy) Papers
Lee (Robert Edward) Letters
Lee (Russell) Oil Painting
Lee Family Papers
Lefevre (Arthur) Collection
Lefevre (E. W. and Hazie Davis) Papers
Legal Cases Notebook
Leigh (Keri) Collection
Lemke (W. J.) Papers
Lenz (Louis) Collection
Lesbian Issues Collection
Letter from Waco Videocassette
Lewis (Dixon H.) Papers
Libraries and Culture: A Journal of Library History Archive
Limestone County Census Records
Lincecum (Addison L.) Papers
Lincoln (Abraham) Letter
Lindsey (H. C.) Family Papers
Linn (Edward Daniel and John Joseph) Family Papers
Littlehale Family Collection
Lone Star Real Estate and Colonization Company Records
Lonesome Dove Scripts
Long (John Benjamin) Papers
Longworth (William Milton) Narrative
Lopez (Benito) Daybooks
Lord (Walter) Archive
Lott (Virgil N.) Narrative
Louisiana Records
Louisville (Kentucky) Daily Journal
Love (Ben F.) Wwii Memoir
Loving (Oliver) Letter
Lower (Ann) Robert C. Eckhardt Campaign and Legislative Issue Files
Lower Colorado River Authority Film and Video Collection
Lowery (Delta N.) Narrative
Lowry Family Photograph Album
Lucas (Anthony F.) Scrapbook
Lucchese Boot Company Records
Luerson-Franke Papers
Lutheran Church Papers
Lynch (James J.) Papers

M - (top)

Maas (Samuel) Papers
Macdonald (J. Ross) Papers
Mackey (Mary Hurley) Photographic Prints
Madison (Maury) Papers
Mahl (William) Papers
Mann (Gerald C.) Papers
Mann (William L.) Papers
Manske (Richard) World War I Postcard Collection
Manton (Edward T.) Papers
Market Produce (LaGrange, Texas) Records
Marley (Anne B.) Papers
Marschalk (Francis) Family Papers
Marshall (J. Howard, II) Papers
Martin (Etta Adele) Family Papers
Martin (Jerry) Diary
Martin (Sam L.) Papers
Martinez (Antonio Maria) Letters
Masonic Order Records
Matador Land and Cattle Company Records
Matagorda, Texas, Letterhead
Mathews (Claude) Collection
Mauzy (Oscar) WWII Diary
Maverick (Mrs. William) Scrapbooks
Maxey (Samuel Bell) Papers
Maxey (Thomas Sheldon) Papers
Maxwell Family Papers
Mayfield (James S.) Letter
McCarty (Frank Warren and Florence Page) Oral History
McClung (Richard Lauren) Diary
McConnell (Alice Y. and F. C.) Papers
McCuistion (Mitchell Henderson) Diary
McDaniel (Benjamin F.) Diary
McElroy (Frank Jr.) UT Round-Up Slide Collection, 1940
McEntire (George H.) Papers
McFaddin (Al) Papers
McGarrigle-Aronie Videotape Collection
McGaughey (John D.) Papers
McKee (George C.) Papers
McLean (John Hiram) Papers
McMeans (David) Film Collection
Meador (J. Tom) Papers
Meaux (Huey P.) Interview
Medical History of Texas Collection
Meersheidt (Arthur) Family Letters (1844-1896), ca. 1941
Megaw (Peter) Photograph Collection
Melson (Silas Etheridge) Papers
Memminger (Charles G.) Letter
Menchaca (Jose Antonio) Reminiscences
Mendoza (Juan Dominguez de) Diary
Merrill (Nelson) Papers
Mettlen (Robert) Papers
Meusebach (John O.) Papers
Mexico Ranch Scenes Photograph Album
Middleton (Annie L.) Papers
Midgley (Les) Papers
Mier Archives
Milam County (Texas) Census Records
Milam-Mckinney Collection
Miles (Ginger) Collection
Miles (Nelson A.) Items
Military Operations in Texas Collection
Military Order of World Wars (Austin Chapter) Records
Miller (James B.) Letter
Miller (John F.) Papers
Miller (Steward Alexander) Papers
Miller (Townsend) Collection
Millett (Texas) Collection
Milliken (Edward) Papers
Mills (William Wallace) Papers
Millsaps (Isaac) Papers
Milner (Robert Teague) Papers
Minor (Mary J.) Letters
Miranda (Bernardo de) Papers
Mississippi Papers
Mitchell (James) Papers
Mitchell (Nathan) Papers
Mitchell (Wayne) Reminiscences
Moeller (Heinrich and Fritz) Papers
Molyneaux (Peter) Papers
Montgomery (Marvin)/Light Crust Dough Boys Collection
Montgomery (Rosalis) Family Papers
Montgomery (W. J.) Papers
Montgomery (Wilhelmina Layher) Oral History Sound Recording
Mooar (Josiah Wright) and (John Wesley) Papers
Moody (Robert) Papers
Moore (Andrew B.) Letter
Moore (Charles H.) Reminiscences
Moore (Colgate Dye Van Pradelles Donaldson) Papers
Moore (Ike) Papers
Moore (J. Ealy) Diary
Moore (John Creed) Papers
Moore (John) Letters
Moore (Lamar) Catalog
Moore (Thomas C.) Diary
Moore (William E.) Papers
Moore (William) Papers
Moose (Clyde P.) Papers
More (Nettie Barrell Doscher) Papers
Moreland-Bass Family Papers
Morfi (Fray Juan Agustin de) Narrative
Morgan (George Washington) Papers
Morgan (Gilbert "Gib") Papers
Morgan (James) Papers
Morgan (Joseph I.) Letter
Morley (John L.) Papers
Morris (Harold) Papers
Morris (Henry H.) Photograph Collection
Morris (R. H.) Letters
Morris Ranch Papers
Morrison (William A.) Papers
Morrow (Temple Houston) Reminiscences
Morse (Samuel F. B.) Letters
Moseley (Randolph P.) Papers
Moses (Harry Bowman) Papers
Mowinckel (John Ernest) Papers
Mueller (Esther L.) Papers
Murphree (Alexander N.) Papers
Murphy (Fred Israel) Papers
Murrah (Pendleton) Letter
Murray (John Carroll) Papers
Murray (Lawrence O.) Papers
Muse (Philander B.) Family Papers
Music Festivals (Tri-State and Texas) Records
Myers (Raymond M.) Papers

N - (top)

NAACP (Texas) Conference of Branches, Records
Nacogdoches (Texas) Committee of Vigilance and Safety Records
Nacogdoches County Records
Nagle (N. J.) Papers
Nance (Joseph Milton) Papers
Naples (Celia) Photograph Collection
Nash (Thomas P.) Letter
National Council for the Social Studies Records
National Organization for Women (Austin Chapter) Records
National Organization for Women (Dallas County Chapter) Records
National Organization for Women Texas Chapter Records
National Youth Administration of Texas Photograph Collection
Navarro (Jose Antonio) Papers
Navarro County Scrapbook
Naylor Press Photographs
Neal (Margie E.) Papers
Neel (T. C.) Letter
Negro Slaves In Spanish America
Nehls (Ferdinand) Papers
Neighbors (Robert Simpson) Papers
Neill (Andrew) Papers
Nelson (Albert Aldrich) Papers
Nelson (Eugene) Family Papers
Nelson (Selma and Cornelia) Photograph Collection
Nelson (T. E.) Family Papers
New Braunfels (Texas) Papers
New Braunfels Academy Minutes
New Mexico Archives Records
New Orleans (Louisiana) Papers
New Texas Foundation Records
New York and Texas Land Company Records
Newcomb (Samuel P. and Susan E.) Diaries
Newfield (Jack) Papers
Newman (John) Letter
Nibling (Fred) Papers
Nichols (John S.) Patent Ledger
Nielsen (Haldor) Family Photograph Albums
Nimitz (Chester W.) Papers
Nimitz Hotel Records
Nixon (Patrick Ireland) Papers
Noble (Patrick) Papers
Nolan (Philip) Papers
Normand (Emma) Photographs
Norrell (Marby J.) Papers
Norvell (James R.) Papers
Norvell (Mrs. Lipscomb) Papers
Norvell (Samuel G.) Papers
Nueces County (Texas) Abstracts

O - (top)

O'Brien (George W.) Diary
O'Connor (Louise S.) Photographs
O'Daniel (W. Lee 'Pappy') Papers
O'Neall (John) Papers
O'Reilly (Jack) Papers
Oatts (T. C.) Diary
Obama Inaugural Photograph Collection
Ochiltree (Thomas Peck) Papers
Oden (William M.) Papers
Ogden (Mrs. Ralph Rogers) Papers
Oil Scrapbooks
Oklahoma Historical Society Oral History Collection
Oldham (Williamson Simpson) Reminiscences
Onderdonk (Julian) Alamo Print and Slide
Oneal (Benjamin Grady) Papers
Oral History of Education Records
Ord (E. O. C.) Item
Orton (Richard David) Papers
Orviss (D. A.) Papers
Oury (William Sanders) Narrative
Ovetz (Robert) Papers
Owens (William A.) Oral History Transcripts

P - (top)

Paddock (Buckley Burton) Papers
Panhandle Scrapbook
Panhandle Stock Association Records
Pankratz (Michael) Collection
Panzieri (Aldo S.) Vietnam Archive
Parish (Paralee) Diary
Parker (Baldwin) Narrative
Parker (Daniel) Family Papers
Parker (Edith) Papers
Parker (H. H.) Papers
Parker (Quanah) Letters
Parker (R. D.) Family Papers
Parsons Family Papers
Paschal (Isaiah Addison) Papers
Passel (Charles F.) Antarctic Expedition Collection
Patrons of Husbandry Records
Pease (Elisha Marshall) Papers
Peck (Benjamin B. and William D. W.) Papers
Peddy (George E. B.) Papers
Peden (E. A.) Papers
Peebles (Richard Rogers) Papers
Pellusch (Jana) Papers
Pennzoil Company V. Texaco Inc. Case Records
Pennzoil-Texaco Dispute Oral History
Perez (Jesse) Reminiscences
Perkins (Dudley Thaddeus) Papers
Perkins (Lucian) Photographic Archive
Perry (Dow) Family Papers
Peters Colony Papers
Peterson-Townsend Family Papers
Peticolas (A. B.) Papers
Petri (Friedrich Richard) Papers
Pettus Family Papers
Pfeiffer (George Anton) Papers
Phelan (Macum) Papers
Phelps (Daniel) Account Book
Phillips (Mahlon D.) Papers
Phillips (W. C.) Account Book
Philosophical Society of Texas Records
Philpott Texana Collection
Pierson (William S.) Collection
Pilgrim Predestinarian Regular Baptist Church of Jesus Christ Records
Pinckney (Pauline) Papers
Piper (Benjamin F.) Family Papers
Pitts (Hiram) Family Papers
Plummer (Frederick Byron) Papers
Plummer (Leonard B.) Collection
Poe (John W.) Items
Polley (Joseph Henry) Papers
Pool (Thomas Martin) Papers
Potter (Reuben Marmaduke) Papers
Potts (Charles S.) Papers
Pounds (David Thomas) Letters
Power and Hewetson Collection
Powers (Stephen F.) Papers
Prather (Ben Caldwell) Papers
Preece (Richard Lincoln) Papers
Presbyterian Church Records
Presbyterian Foreign Missions Board
Press Women of Texas
Primer (Sylvester) Family Papers
Priour (Rosalie Bridget Hart) Reminiscences
Prohibition Scrapbook
Public Relations Foundation of Texas Records
Puckett (Joel H.) Letters
Pugh Family Papers
Pumphrey (R. Beal) Collection
Purcell (Mabelle) Papers
Purcell (Stuart Mcleod) Papers
Putnam (Ralph) and Creamer (George) Collection

Q - (top)

Quinn (Frank David)
Quintero (Jose Augustin) Photograph Collection

R - (top)

Ragsdale (Ruth N.) Papers
Railroads In Texas Collection
Rainey (Homer Price) Papers
Ramsdell (Charles William Jr.) Papers
Ramsey (Grover Cleveland) Papers
Randall (A.F.) Papers
Randolph (V.M.) Records
Randolph Field Guide
Rankin First State Bank Robbery Collection
Ratliff (W.H.) Scrapbooks
Rawson (H. O.) Drawings
Ray (David M.) Papers
Ray (John B.) Letters
Rayner (J.B.) Papers
Rea (Peter Goodman) Narrative
Reagan (Bascom A.) Photograph Collection
Reams (Sherwood Y.) Letter
Reasoner (Lawrence Lafayette) Papers
Rebolledo (Juan de Olivan) and Winthuysen (Thomas Phelipe de) Reports
Reconstruction Scrapbook
Rector (Margaret) Papers
Rector (Washington Swisher) Papers
Red (William Stuart) Papers
Reding (James W.) Family Papers
Redman (Wesley) Papers
Reed (Frank LeFevre) Papers
Reed (Horace Lafayette) Papers
Reed (J.M.) Reminiscences
Reed (Jefferson) Family Papers
Reierson (Johan Reinert) Family Papers
Reily (James) Letters
Rhode (Robert David) Essay
Rice (Art) World War II Collection
Richards (David) Papers
Richter (Walter H.) Papers
Ricketts (W.A.) Diary
Riggs (G.A.A.) Papers
Ring (Mrs. Henry F. Elizabeth L.) Papers
Rio Grande Valley Scrapbook
Roberts (A.S.) Reminiscences
Roberts (Lou Conway) Reminiscences
Roberts (Oran Milo) Papers
Robertson (George Lee) Papers
Robertson (Henry Oldham) Papers
Robertson (James Harvey) Papers
Robertson (Joseph William) Papers
Robertson (Sterling Clack) Family Papers
Robie (Hiram D.) Letter
Robison (Joel Walter) Papers - Not Robinson
Rochester (E.P.) Records
Rockwell (James M.) Papers
Rockwell Brothers Records
Rodgers (Don) Bluegrass Music Collection
Rodnick (David) Papers
Rodriguez (Gloria G.) Papers
Rogers (James T.) Diary
Rogers (Lorene) Papers
Rogers (Weldon Wayne) Photograph Collection
Rogers (William P.) Papers
Romberg (Johannes Christlieb Nathaniel)
Roosevelt (Franklin D.) Letters
Rose (Archibald Johnson) Papers
Rosenquist (Carl M.) Papers
Rosenthal (Joe) Iwo Jima Photograph
Ross (Lawrence Sullivan) Letters
Ross (Reuben) Family Papers
Round Rock Depot Records
Rountree (Joseph Gus, II) Papers
Routh (Jacob) Papers
Royall (Tucker) Papers
Royer (William B.M., Jr.) Collection
Ruggles (Daniel) Papers
Ruggles (William B.) Narrative
Rummel (Edgar A.) Family Papers
Runnels County (Texas) New Deal Agencies Records
Rush (John W.) Papers
Rushing (John B.) Papers
Russell (Charles Arden) Papers
Russell (Steve) and Mobley (Donna) Papers
Russell (Traylor) Papers
Rutersville College Records

S - (top)

Safer (Morley) Papers
Sager (Kurt M.) Music Collection
Salcedo (Manuel Maria de) Report
San Antonio (Texas) Papers
San Antonio City Government Records
San Antonio Livestock Exposition
San Jacinto Monument Frieze Sculpture Sketches
San Roman (Jose) Papers
Sanchez-Navarro (Jose Juan) Papers
Sanger Brothers Department Store
Santa Anna (Antonio Lopez de) Papers
Sayers (Joseph Draper) Papers
Schaefer (Martin and Hattie Kaiser) Papers
Schiwetz (Dorothy) Papers
Schlick Family Papers
Schlinger (Leopold) Family Papers
Schlueter (Frank J.) Photographs
Schulke (Flip) Photographic Archive
Schwarz (Ted) Papers
Seabury (Francis William) Papers
Seale (William) Items
Secretary of State (Texas) Miscellany
Selvaggi (Rossi L.) Papers
Sergent Duncan and Rine Insurance Agency
Shalan Foundation Records
Sharp (Mrs. Walter Benona) Papers
Sharp (W. G.) Collection
Sharp (Walter Benona) Papers
Shaw (Robert) Collection
Shelton (Emmett) Oral History
Sheppard (E. L.) Papers - Photos
Sheriff's Association of Texas Records
Sherman (Sidney) Papers
Shettles (Elijah L.) Papers
Shiller (John) Papers
Shortridge (George D.) Family Papers
Simmons (David Andrew) Papers
Simmons (Martha Virginia Webster Strickland) Narrative
Simon (Peter) Photographic Archive
Simonson (John S.) Papers
Sinks (Julia Lee) Papers
Slator (M.D.) Papers
Slavery Scrapbook
Smith (Angelina) Letters
Smith (Bradford H.) Photograph Collection
Smith (Charles Phillips) Family Papers
Smith (Erwin) Photograph Collection
Smith (George E.) Papers
Smith (Henry) Papers
Smith (John Franklin) Letters
Smith (Liz) Papers
Smith (Wilford Bascom "Pitchfork") Paper
Smith Family Papers
Smithers (W. D.) Collection
Sneed (Sebron Graham) Family Papers
Snyder (Dudley Hiram) Family Papers
Sorens (Bryan) Movie Films
South (Walter S.) Diaries
South By Southwest Inc. Records
South Plains Music Teachers' Association Records
Southern Pacific Sunset Route Photographs
Southwest Texas State Teachers College 50th Anniversary Ceremony Audio Collection
Southwestern Political and Social Science Association Records
Sowell (A. J.) Papers
Spaight (Ashley Wood) Papers
Spanish Missions in Texas and California - Spanish Material from Various Sources
Spencer (R.B.) and Company Records
Sponberg (David E.) Slide Collection
Spratt (Dr. John S., Sr.) Papers
Spurr (Stephen H.) Papers
Starcke (Max) Papers
Starr (James Harper) Papers
State of Texas versus Ben Thompson Case Records
Stedman (Nathan Alexander) Family Papers
Stewart (Charles Bellinger) Papers
Stipp (T. F.) Report
Strachwitz (Chris) Collection
Strahorn-Hutton-Evans Commission Co. Records
Strawn Coal Mining Company Records
Streeter (Thomas W.) Biography
Strentzel (Louisiana Erwin) Memoir
Stribling (Cornelius Kincheloe) Papers
Strong (Guerry) vs. Sunray DX Oil Company, et. al.
Stubbs (William Carter) Papers
Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) Reports
Stull (Lee Thompson) Reminisence
Sucher (Steve) Collection
Sullivan (Robert Anderson) Papers
Sullivan (W. F. "Dick") Reminiscences
Summerlee Foundation Records
Sumner (William H.) Letter
Sumners (Hatton W.) Papers
Sumpter (Jesse) Reminiscences
Superior Council of New Orleans Record
Sutherland (George) Papers
Sutherland (Hugh R.) Letters
Sutherland (John) Papers
Sutherland (Thomas S.) Family Papers
Sutherland (W. C.) Narrative
Sutton (Francena Martin) Narrative
Sutton (William Seneca) Papers
Svensson (Bo) Peacock and Duke Records Collection
Swan Land and Cattle Company Stockholders' Reports
Swartz (August) Cattle Account Ledger
Swearingen (Richard Montgomery) Narrative
Swearingen (W. C.) Letters
Sweeney (John, Jr.) et al. vs. U. C. Coolgrove et al. Case Record
Swenson (Andrew J.) Papers
Swenson (Swen Magnus) Papers
Swenson-Palm Letter Book
Swett (B. W.) Papers
Swinney (William Landon) Papers
Swisher (John Milton) Items
Swisher County History

T - (top)

Tait (Charles William) Papers
Tait (George) Family Papers
Tallichet (Jules Henri) Essay
Tally (Joseph T.) Papers
Tannehill (Jesse C.) Papers
Tarkington Cotton Company Records
Tarrant County Reports
Tarrant County Scrapbook
Taylor (Bride Neill) Papers
Taylor (Charles Stanfield) Papers
Taylor (Donald Wayne) Papers
Taylor (Edgar Dorsey) Drawings
Taylor (John Young) Diaries
Taylor (Pat Ellis) Papers
Taylor (Thomas F.) Papers
Taylor (Zachary) Collection
Teagarden (Jack) Archive
Teagarden (William B.) Papers
Templeton (John A.) Papers
Terrazas (Luis) Letter
Terrell (Alexander Watkins) Papers
Terry's Texas Rangers Papers
Texas & the Death Penalty Videocassette
Texas 13: Concerned Citizens for Tax Relief Records
Texas Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League Records (Tarral)
Texas Actuarial History Collection
Texas Aerial Photographs
Texas African American Heritage Organization, Inc., Records
Texas and Pacific Land Trust Narrative
Texas Antiquities Committee Records
Texas Association for Colonization Report
Texas Association for the Study of Afro-American Life and History Collection
Texas Association of Broadcasters Records
Texas Association of College Teachers Records
Texas Bankers Association Records
Texas Bar Foundation Oral History Collection
Texas Barrel House Piano Program
Texas Commission for Children and Youth Archive
Texas Congressional Redistricting Records
Texas Council of Teachers of English
Texas Declaration of Independence Autograph Collection
Texas Electric Cooperatives Association Records
Texas Faculty Association Records
Texas Fahrten Recording
Texas Family Land Heritage Program Records
Texas Farmers Alliance Records
Texas Federation of Women's Clubs Scrapbook
Texas Film Collection
Texas Fine Arts Association Records
Texas Folklife Festival Collection
Texas Folklife Resources Black Gospel Radio Project
Texas General Land Office Photographic Maps, 1861-1862
Texas Heritage Foundation Records
Texas High Sheriffs Oral History Collection
Texas Historical Foundation Photographic Collections In Texas Project Records
Texas Human Rights Foundation Archives
Texas Land and Mortgage Company
Texas Legislature Committee Proceedings
Texas Letters Collection
Texas Longhorn Cattle Video Oral History Collection
Texas Military Volunteers, 4th Regiment, Co. D, Account Book
Texas Music Collection
Texas Music Educators Association Records
Texas Music Teachers Association Records
Texas Navy Engraving
Texas Oil Companies Collection
Texas Organization for Endangered Species (Toes) Records
Texas Parks and Wildlife Video
Texas Planning Board Land Use Commission
Texas Press Association Records
Texas Railroad Commission Records
Texas Railroad Depot Postcards
Texas Ranger Gunfight At San Benito
Texas Rangers Papers
Texas Revolution Scrapbook
Texas Savings and Loan League Records
Texas School for the Blind Records
Texas Scrapbook
Texas Sesquicentennial Collection
Texas Slave Laws
Texas Society of Hospital Pharmacists
Texas State Building Commission Records
Texas State Library and Archives Papers
Texas State Treasury Department Records
Texas Versus Foster Bell Minutes
Texas Versus Van Millican
Texas Volunteer Guard Lithographs
Texas War Records Collection
Texas Women's Christian Temperance
Texas-Mexico Border Photo Postcards
Tharp (Benjamin Carroll) Papers
Thirty-Eighth Volunteer Infantry Regiment (Massachusetts) Reports
Thomas (David) Papers
Thomas (Dewitt Clinton, Sr.) Reminiscences
Thomas (E. R.) Motor Company Photograph Album
Thomas (James P., Sr.) Papers
Thomas (James Waller) Papers
Thomas (John) Diary
Thomas (Nathan) Papers
Thomas (Patricia A.) Collection
Thomason (John W.) Diary
Thomason (John William, Jr.) Papers
Thompson (Charlton W.) Papers
Thompson (Ed R.) Diary
Thompson (Fleming W.) Letters
Thompson (Henry L.) Papers
Thompson (James G.) Papers
Thompson (Jerry D.) Papers
Thompson (Lewis) Papers
Thompson (Waddy) Letters
Thompson (William Ernest) Papers
Thurmond (Columbus Lafayette) Papers
Tice (George A.) Photograph
Tod (John Grant) Papers
Toepperwein (Gottlieb Christian Daniel) Reminiscences
Tolpo (Norman C.) Photographic Cards
Tompkins (Jerry R.) Papers: The Scopes Trial and the Epperson Case Records
Townsend (George F.) Papers
Townsend (Nathaniel) Papers
Trackdown Television Series Archive
Trice (Lois Baird) Photograph Collection
Truitt (James W.) Papers
Tucker (Philip Crosby, III) Papers
Tucker (William J.) Papers
Tuke Family Photograph Albums
Tullis (Coral Horton) Papers
Tully (W. C.) Letter
Tumlinson (Peter F.) Papers
Turner (Amasa) Papers
Turner (James Crewdson) Thesis
Turner (W. Earl) Papers
Turner (Wallace R.) Genealogical Items
Tweedy (Joseph) Papers
Tyler (George W.) Papers
Tyler (John) Letter
Tyler County Scrapbook

U - (top)

United Daughters of the Confederacy Records
United States Department of State
United States District Court, Northern District of Texas Records
United States Naval Academy Alumni from Texas
United States Presidential Dinner Menu
United States Presidents Scrapbook
United States Secretary of the Navy Letter Collection
United States Universal Exposition Papers
United States vs. State of Texas, Case #5281, Records
University of Texas Color Slides Collection
UPI NASA Related Records
UT 75th Anniversary Photographs, ca. 1958
UT Bass Concert Hall Dedication Photographs (Murphy, Larry)
UT Bevo No. 1 Painting
UT Biology Lab Photos
UT Campus Lantern Slide Collection, ca. 1920s
UT Law School Photographs, ca. 1911-1973
UT Library Records
UT Social Activities Photographs
UT Texas Memorial Museum Collection

V - (top)

Van Zandt (Isaac) Papers
Venable (Charles Scott) Papers
Venth (Carl) Papers
Verein Zum Schutze Deutscher Einwanderer In Texas Records
Veterans of the Mexican War Association Records
Vial (Pedro) Diary
Vietnam Veterans Archives
Vincent Family Papers
Vogel (Caroline) Papers
Voigt (Robert H.) Family Papers
Von David (Pritchard) Papers
Von Rosenberg Family Letters

W - (top)

Wagner (Robert L.) Diary
Wagner (William) Papers
Wainwright (William A.) Papers
Walker (Betty) Portrait
Walker (Diana) Photographic Archive
Walker (Horace) Diary
Walker (Robert John) Letter
Walker and Hamilton Drugstore Letters
Wall Family Papers
Wandke (Johann Traugott) Family Papers
Ward (Ed) Collection
Warren (Eric) Photograph Collection
Watie (Stand) Letters
Watson (May Mathis Green) Collection
Waugh (William A.) Diaries
Wayman (Stan) Photographic Archive
Webb (Irving H.) Texas Surveyors Collection
Weddle (Montee Nelms) Papers
Wehrwein (George S.) Albums
Weiner (Lawrence) Papers
Weldon (Vachel) Collection
Wends of Texas Records
Werden (Frieda Lindfield) Papers
Werlin (Jacob B.) Papers
West Texas Pioneers Collection
Wheelis (Jack G.) Papers
Wheelock (Eleazer Louis Ripley) Papers
White (David A.) Papers
White (Francis Menefee) Papers
White (Mastin Gentry) Robert E. Lee Collection
White (Reuben G.) Family Papers
Whitebird (Joanie Green) Papers
Whitley (William Henry and Helen Butler) Papers
Whitmore (William E.) Collection
Whitney (Francis Luther) Photograph Collection
Wick (Otto) Papers
Widen (Carl T.) Papers
Widener (Michael and Emma) Lorenzo de Zavala Translation Collection
Wigfall (Louis Trezevant) Papers
Wiggs Photograph Archive--Photograph
Wilcox (Wendell) Diary
Williams (Howard C.) Photograph Collection
Williams (Oscar Waldo) Papers
Williams (Palmer) Collection
Willrich (George) Papers
Wilson (John A.) Photographs
Wilson (Walter B.) Papers
Wilson (Will Reid Jr.) Papers
Wimberley Mill and Gin Ledgers
Withers (Mark A.) Papers
Wnet Raw Inventory
Woman's Commonwealth Archive
Women's Studies Research Seminar Oral History Collection
Women’s News Hour Videotapes
Wood (Hally) Oral History
Wood (Jo) Papers
Woodmen Circle, Childress (Tex.)
Wooldridge (A. P.) Papers
World War I Soldiers’ Collection
Wrather (William Embry) Biographical
Wright (George Travis) Family Papers
Wright (Tom) Papers
WRR Radio Station (Dallas) Records
Wythe (George) Papers

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Yarborough (Richard) Collection
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Zilker (Charles A.) Item
Zubajova (M. H.) Papers