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The University of Texas at Austin


The Shirley Bird Perry
University of Texas Oral History Project

Completed Interviews

*Individuals listed may appear in multiple categories.



  • Louis A. Beecherl, Member 2/1987–2/1993; Chairman 2/2/1989–2/16/1993
  • Jack S. Blanton, Member 2/1985–2/1991; Chairman 6/11/1987–3/2/1989
  • Jess Hay, Member 1/1977–1/1983 and 4/1983–2/1989; Chairman 2/14/1985–6/11/1987
  • Zan W. Holmes, Member 2/1991–2/1997
  • Thos. H. Law, Member 1/1975–1/1981 (deceased, September 2, 2006)
  • Wales H. Madden, Jr., Member 3/1959–1/1965
  • Beryl Buckley Milburn, Member 1/1981–2/1987
  • Mario E. Ramirez, Member 2/1989–2/1995


  • R.D. (Dan) Burck, Chancellor 2000–2002
  • William H. Cunningham, Chancellor 1992–2000
  • Charles A. LeMaistre, Chancellor 1971–1978
  • Hans M. Mark, Chancellor 1984–1992


  • Margaret C. Berry, Associate Dean of Women 1962–1968; Assistant Dean of Students 1968–1970; Associate Dean of Students 1970–1971; Director, Research and Developmental Programs, Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs 1971–1976; Director, University Writings Collection and Assistant Director, University History Project 1976–1980
  • Hal Box, Dean, School of  Architecture 1976-1992
  • Jody Conradt, Athletic Director, Intercollegiate Athletics for Women 1992-2001; Basketball Coach, Intercollegiate Athletics for Womwn 1978-2007; Assistant Athletic Director, IAW 1976-1992; Basketball and Volleyball Coach, IAW 1976-1978
  • William H. Cunningham, Dean, College of Business Administration and Graduate School of Business 1982-1985; Associate Dean of Graduate School of Business 1976–1982
  • Arthur H. Dilly, Executive Secretary Emeritus to the UT System Board of Regents 1998; Secretary of the UT System Board of Regents 1981–1998; UT System Administrator in Health Affairs and the Office of the Chancellor 1968–1981
  • Vincent R. DiNino, Director of Longhorn Band 1955–1975
  • James T. Doluisio, Dean, College of Pharmacy 1973-1998
  • Sheldon Ekland-Olson, Director, School of Human Ecology 2010-present; Director, Division of Statistics and Scientific Computation 2007-present; Executive Vice President and Provost 1998-2006; Dean, College of Liberal Arts 1993-1998; Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts 1991-1993; Special Assistant to the Chancellor 1988-1991
  • Betty Sue Flowers, Director of Plan II 1987-1992; Associate Dean of Graduate Studies 1979-1982 and 1988; Director, Lyndon Baines Johnson Presidential Library 2002-2009
  • Miguel Gonzalez-Gerth, Editor, Texas Quarterly 1972-1978; Acting Chairman, Department of Spanish and Portuguese 1983-1984; Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts 1985-1988
  • Frank Graydon, Director of Budget Emeritus, UT System 1993; Director of Budget 1969–1993; Budget Officer, UT System 1955–1969; Assistant Professor of Accounting 1944–1950
  • James L. Hill, Senior Vice President, 2007–present; Vice President for Community and School Relations 2000–2006; Vice President for Human Resources and Community Relations 1998–2000; Associate Vice President for Administration and Public Affairs 1993–1998
  • R. Rolando Hinojosa-Smith, Director, Texas Center for Writers (later named Michener Center for Writers) 1986–1992
  • Robert D. King, Dean, College of Liberal Arts 1979-1990; Acting Dean, College of Liberal Arts 1991-1993; Dean, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences 1976-1979; Associate Dean, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences 1974-1976
  • Ira Iscoe, Director, Counseling and Psychological Services 1968–1978; Director, Plan II Honors Program 1981–1986
  • Bryce Jordan, Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, UT System 1983-1990; Vice President for Student Affairs 1968–1970
  • Dean Justice, Director, Frank C. Erwin Special Events Center 1976–1990
  • Sharon H. Justice, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students 1985-2001; Associate Dean of Students 1982-1985; Assistant Dean of Students and Coordinator of Orientation 1976-1982
  • Amy Jo Long, Director, UT News & Information Service 1969–1985; Associate Director 1967–1969; Assistant Director and Editor 1962–1967; Informational Writer 1951–1962
  • William S. Livingston, Vice President and Dean of Graduate Studies 1980–1995
  • Donna A. Lopiano, Athletic Director, Intercollegiate Athletics for Women 1975-1992
  • Harry Middleton, Director, Lyndon Baines Johnson Presidential Library, 1970-2001
  • John J. McKetta, Jr., Dean, College of Engineering 1963–1969
  • Stephen A. Monti, Executive Vice Provost 2007-2010; interim Executive Vice President and Provost 2006; Executive Vice Provost 1998-2006; Provost ad interim 1997-1998; Vice Provost 1986-1997; Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Research 1985-1986; Associate Vice President for Academic Administration 1984-1985; Associate Vice President for Academic Planning 1981-1984; Acting Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs 1981; Assistant to the President 1974-1981
  • Elspeth Rostow, Dean, LBJ School of Public Affairs 1977–1983; Dean, Division of General and Comparative Studies 1975–1977; Acting Dean, Division of General and Comparative Studies 1974–1975 (deceased, December 10, 2007)   
  • John Silber, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences 1967–1970
  • Max Sherman, Dean, LBJ School of Public Affairs 1983-1997
  • Eldon Sutton, Vice President for Research 1975–1979
  • Roy Vaughan, Executive Director, Ex Students Association (now Texas Exes) 1976-1994; Field Representative of Ex Students Association 1965-1976
  • James W. Vick, Vice President for Student Affairs 1989–2005
  • Paul B. Woodruff, Dean, Undergraduate Studies 2006-2012; Director, Plan II 1991-2006; Chairman, Faculty Senate 1996-1997; Chairman, Department of Philosophy 1988-1991; Assistant Chairman, Department of Philosophy 1976-1978 and 1979-1981
  • Lewis W. Wright, Associate Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs, UT System 1993–2004; Assistant then Associate Vice President for Administration, UT Austin 1987–1993; Assistant Dean, College of Business Administration 1984–1986


  • Allen J. Bard, Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry 1960–present; Instructor 1958–1960
  • Margaret C. Berry, Instructor, General Studies 1968–1980; Instructor in Freshman Seminars Program 1995–2003
  • Harold W. Billings, Director of General Libraries 1978-2003; Acting Director of General Libraries 1977-1978; Associate Director of General Libraries 1972-1977; Assistant University Librarian 1967-1972; Chief Acquisitions Librarian 1965-1967; Assistant Chief Catalog Librarian 1957-1965; Senior Library Assistant 1954-1957
  • Hal Box, Professor Emeritus of Architecture 1998; Professor of Architecture 1976-1998
  • William H. Cunningham, Professor of Marketing 1971–present
  • Vincent R. DiNino, Professor Emeritus and Director of Bands Emeritus 1985; Professor of Music 1955-1985
  • Sheldon Ekland-Olson, Professor of Sociology 1971-present
  • Larry R. Faulkner, Professor of Chemistry 1983–1984
  • Peter T. Flawn, Professor of Geology 1960–1970; Professor of Geological Sciences 1970–1985
  • Betty Sue Flowers, Professor Emeritus of English 2009; Professor of English 1989-2001; Associate Professor of English 1979-1988; Assistant Professor of English 1973-1979
  • Frank Graydon, Professor Emeritus of Accounting 1993; Professor of Accounting 1944–1950
  • Miguel Gonzalez-Gerth, Professor Emeritus of Spanish 2001; Professor of Spanish 1987-2001; Associate Professor of Spanish 1972-1987; Assistant Professor of Spanish 1965-1972
  • Norman Hackerman, Professor of Chemistry 1945–1970; Chairman of the Department of Chemistry 1952–1961 (deceased, June 16, 2007)
  • Forest G. Hill, Professor Emeritus of Economics 1986; Professor of Economics 1960-1986
  • R. Rolando Hinojosa-Smith, Professor of English 1981-present
  • Ira Iscoe, Professor of Psychology and Education 1966–1999; Professor of Psychology 1952–1966
  • Bryce Jordan, Professor and Chairman, Department of Music 1965–1968
  • Sharon H. Justice, Professor of Educational Administration 1977-present
  • Robert D. King, Professor of Linguistics 1973-present; Associate Professor of German Literature 1967-1973; Assistant Professor of German and Linguistics 1968-1969; Assistant Professor of German 1965-1967
  • William S. Livingston, Professor Emeritus of Government 2007; Professor of Government 1954–1995; Chairman of Department of Government 1966–1969
  • Hans M. Mark, Professor of Aerospace Engineering 1992–present
  • Reuben McDaniel, Professor of Management Science and Information Systems 1972–present; McCombs School of Business Professor of Management 1981–1995
  • John J. McKetta, Jr., Professor of Chemical Engineering 1946–1991
  • Stephen A. Monti, Professor of Chemistry 1979-present; Associate Professor of Chemistry 1971-1979; Assistant Professor of Chemistry 1967-1971
  • James R. Roach, Professor Emeritus of Government 1995; Director of Special Programs and Plan II 1965–69; Faculty member 1949–1987 (deceased, August 5, 2010)
  • Elspeth Rostow, Professor Emerita of American Studies and Government 1988; Professor of American Studies and Government, 1969–1988 (deceased, December 10, 2007)
  • John Silber, Professor of Philosophy 1955–1970
  • Eldon Sutton, Professor Emeritus of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology 2000; Professor of Molecular Genetics and Biology 1998–2000; Professor of Zoology 1960–1998
  • James W. Vick, Professor of Mathematics 1970–present
  • Donald Weismann, Professor Emeritus, Art History 1981; Head of the Department of Art 1954–1981; University Professor in the Arts 1954–1981 (deceased, March 19, 2007)
  • Paul B. Woodruff, Professor of Philosophy and Classics 1988-present; Associate Professor of Philosophy and Classics 1979-1988; Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Classics 1973-1979
  • Lewis Wright, Instructor in Accounting 1982–1984


  • Margaret C. Berry, Austin, Author and UT historian
  • Louis A. Beecherl, Dallas investor and rancher; Founder, chair and CEO of Texas Gas Corporation
  • Jack S. Blanton, Houston attorney; President of the Eddy Refining Company; The Blanton Museum of Art is named in his honor
  • Harold W. Billings, Austin, Author; former Director of General Libraries
  • Hal Box, Austin, Architect; Author; Professor Emeritus of Architecture 1998
  • John S. Chase, Houston architect; Former President, Texas Exes (deceased, March 30, 2012)
  • Harley R. Clark, Dripping Springs, attorney; Former State District Judge for Travis County
  • Barbara Smith Conrad, Internationally recognized opera singer               
  • Denton A. Cooley, M.D., Houston, Founder, Chief Surgeon and President Emeritus Texas Heart Institute
  • Frank W. Denius, Austin attorney, one of the most decorated veterans of World War II; Former President, Texas Exes
  • Larry R. Faulkner, Houston and Austin, UT President Emeritus
  • Betty Sue Flowers, New York, Poet; Author; Professor Emeritus of English 2009
  • Miguel Gonzalez-Gerth, Austin, Poet; Author; Professor Emeritus of Spanish 2001
  • Joseph D. Jamail, Houston, attorney; philanthropist
  • Bryce Jordan, Austin, former President of UT Dallas; President Emeritus of Pennsylvania State University
  • Forest G. Hill, Austin, Professor Emeritus of Economics 1986
  • James L. Hill, Austin, Senior Vice President UT Austin
  • R. Rolando Hinojosa-Smith, Austin, Internationally acclaimed writer; Professor of English
  • Elizabeth Woodward Jones, Dallas, daughter of former member of the Board of Regents, D. K. Woodward
  • Thos. H. Law, Fort Worth attorney (deceased, September 2, 2006)
  • Amy Jo Long, Austin, Director, UT News & Information Service 1969–1985
  • Wales H. Madden, Jr., Amarillo attorney; Chairman of the Centennial Commission 1981–1983; Member of the Committee of 75 and Commission of 125; Former President, Texas Exes
  • Beryl Buckley Milburn, Austin, Member of Commission of 125 and Centennial Commission; Chair, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and the UT Development Board; artist; active in civic and political affairs
  • Mario E. Ramirez, M.D., McAllen, Family Medicine practice; Member Centennial Commission 1981–1983; Vice President, The University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio 1995–2007
  • Max Sherman, Austin, Author and Policy consultant
  • Eldon Sutton, Austin, Professor Emeritus of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology 2000
  • Larry Temple, Austin attorney; Former Chair, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and the UT Development Board; Former President, Texas Exes; Special Counsel to President Lyndon Johnson