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:: Donors ::

Do you have materials related to videogames that you wish to see added to the UT Videogame Archive? Contact Zach to get the donation process started. If your materials meet our collection policy, we will work with you to add them to our permanent collection. Just think: an official archival collection in your name made up of items you have saved, preserved in perpetuity, with the chance to contribute to new and groundbreaking videogame scholarship and research!

Join the archive's illustrious list of collection donors:

Founding Donors
Richard Garriott
George "The Fat Man" Sanger
Warren Spector

Other Donors
Billy Cain
David Downing
Gary Gattis
Amy Goldenburg
Steve Jackson
Heather Kelley
Debra Lazarus

David Rosen
Harvey Smith
Dennis Sustare
Rich Vogel
Gordon Walton
Wing Commander CIC Website

Austin Area:
With your consent, we will make arrangements to pick up the materials from their current location or a location you specify. Please contact us to discuss details.

Outside Austin Area:
We still want your materials! Contact us to for further details.

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