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German Ship Passenger Lists (1842-1854)

This database includes passenger ship passenger arrival records from the Verein zum Schutze der Deutsche Einwanderer Collection and the Anna Blasig Papers. These ship lists document German and Wendish immigration to Texas in the mid 19th Century.

The Verein zum Schutze der Deutsche Einwanderer (The Union for the Protection of German Immigrants) was an organization established by a group of German noblemen in 1842 for the purpose of settling the Fischer-Miller Land Grant in central Texas.

The Anna Justine Blasig Papers contain the ship passenger arrival records from the Ben Nevis, a ship that transported Wendish settlers from eastern German to Texas.

Notes on using the database:

Many first names recorded in the original ship lists were abbreviated (ie “Jac.” instead of Jacob or “Chr.” instead of Christian). There has been no attempt made to infer names from the abbreviations, rather the lists have been transcribed exactly as they were recorded.

Portions of the original ship lists have faded, torn, or are simply illegible. In such cases, there is a bracketed note or a question mark to designate the portion of the name that is illegible.

For additional information, see the subject guide German American Resources.

Ship Passenger Lists

Passenger lists from 1842–1854 available at the Briscoe Center for American History. Ships were in the above ports on the dates listed but did not necessarily sail on them. Number of names is approximate.

Verein Collection
Box #   Ship Name Port Date # of Family Names
3C31 1. James Edward Antwerp 16 September 1856 57 family names
  2. Colchis Antwerp 27 August 1846 43 family names
  3. Element Antwerp 23 August 1846 58 family names
  4. York Antwerp 12 August 1846 42 family names
  5. Johann Dethard Bremen 18 April 1845 30 family names
  6. Johann Dethard Bremen 30 September 1845 3 family names
  7. Bohemia Antwerp 1 August 1846 36 family names
  8. Orient Bremen 26 September 1846 26 family names
  9. Elisa & Charlotte Bremen 26 August 1846 120 names of individuals
  10. Andacia Antwerp 5 December 1845 68 family names
  11. Hamilton Antwerp 15 December 1845 27 family names
  12. Talismann Antwerp 30 December 1845 50 family names
  13. Diamant Antwerp 19 January 1846 30 family names
  14. Nahant Antwerp 25 November 1845,Wrecked 18 March 1846:Most passengers continued voyage on the Timoleon
34 family names
  15. Harriet Antwerp 18 November 1845 41 family names
  16. Dyle Antwerp 17 November 1845 45 family names
  17. Riga Antwerp 7 November 1845 34 family names
3C30 18. Weser   1845 (bound in with correspondence  
Anna Blasig Papers
Box #   Ship Name Port Date # of Family Names
3H71 19. Ben Nevis   1854  
Henri Castro Papers
Box #   Ship Name Port Date # of Family Names
3S167 20. L'Ebro   1842