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German American Resources
Selected Resources


Immigration (General & Regional)

Biesele, Rudolph Leopold. The History of the German Settlements in Texas, 1831-1861. Austin, Tex., 1930.

Biggers, Don Hampton. German Pioneers in Texas : A Brief History of Their Hardships, Struggles and Achievements. Fredericksburg, Tex., 1925.

Eagle in the New World: German Immigration to Texas and America. College Station, Tex., 1985.

Foik, Paul. Early Plans for the German Catholic Colonization in Texas. Austin, Tex., 1934.

Geue, Chester William. A New Land Beckoned: German Immigration to Texas,1844-1847. Baltimore, Md., 1982.

Geue, Ethel Hander. New Homes in a New Land: German Immigration to Texas, 1846-1861. Waco, Tex., 1970.

Herff, Ferdinand Ludwig von. The Regulated Emigration of the German Proletariat with Special Reference to Texas. San Antonio, Tex., 1978.

Lone Star & Eagle : German Immigration to Texas. Houston, Tex., 1983.

McManus, J. Comal County, Texas and New Braunfels German Immigration Ships, 1845-1846. St. Louis, Mo., 1985.

Penniger, Robert. Fredericksburg, Texas... The First Fifty Years. Fredericksburg, Tex., 1971.

Perry, Garland A. Historic Images of Boerne, Texas. Boerne, Tex., 1982.

Roemer, Ferdinand. Texas : With Particular Reference to German Immigration and the Physical Appearance of the Country. San Antonio, Tex., 1935.

Watriss, Wendy. Coming to Terms: The German Hill Country of Texas. College Station, Tex., 1991.

Wilhelm, Hubert G.H. Organized German Settlement and Its Effects on the Frontier of South-Central Texas. New York, 1980.



Andrews, Rena Mazyck. German Pioneers in Texas Civil War Period. 1929.

Ehrenberg, Herman. With Milam and Fannin : Adventures of a German Boy in Texas' Revolution. Dallas, Tex., 1935.

Flach, Vera. A Yankee in German-America: Texas Hill Country. San Antonio, Tex., 1935.

Goeth, Ottilie. Memoirs of a Texas Pioneer Grandmother. Austin, Tex., 1969.

Goyne, Minetta Altgelt. Lone Star and Double Eagle : Civil War Letters of a German-Texas Family. Fort Worth, Tex., 1982.

Gurasich, Marj. Letters to Oma : A Young German Girl's Account of Her First Year in Texas, 1847. Fort Worth, Tex., 1989.

Handbook and Registry of German-Texan Heritage. San Marcos, Tex., 1989.

Hensell, John. Chronicles of a German Family, or, Heiners of Germany, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Texas. Houston, Tex., 1958.

Jordan, Gilbert John. Ernst and Lisette Jordan : German Pioneers in Texas. Austin, Tex., 1971.

Jordan, Gilbert John. Yesterday in the Texas Hill Country. College Station, Tex., 1979.

King, Irene Marschall. John O. Meusebach, German Colonizer in Texas. Austin, Tex., 1967.

Krueger, Max. Second Fatherland: The Life and Fortunes of a German Immigrant. College Station, Tex., 1976.

Lehmann, Elizabeth A.J. From Hesse, Germany, to Texas--1846: The Valentin Hoffmann Family, Early German Pioneers in Washington County, Texas. 1981.

Martinello, Marian L. The Search for Emma's Story: A Model for Humanities Detective Work. Fort Worth, Tex., 1987.

Quensell, Carl Wilhelm Adolph. From Tyranny to Texas : A German Pioneer in Harris County. San Antonio, Tex., 1975.

Shuford, Iris. The Seven Timmermann Sisters: A Legend in Their Time. 1976.

Stevenson, James Earl. A History of Early German Settlers in Meyersville, Texas. Victoria, Tex., 1991.

Tatsch, Anita. Jacob Brodbeck “Reached for the Sky" in Texas. 1986.

Treybig, Arliss. German Roots--Texas Growth : Descendants of William Henry Treybig and Lena Marx. El Campo, Tex., 1980.

Urbantke, Carl. Texas is the Place for Me: The Autobiography of a German Immigrant Youth. Austin, Tex., 1970.

Waite, Annette. German Immigrants Rudolph and Augusta Tschoepe. Geronimo, Tex., 1980.



Church Records

Hasdorff, James. "Hither to the Lord Has Helped Us" : Early German Records of St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church of Meyersville, Texas. 1990.

Breitenkamp, Edward C. Church Records of the Pioneer German Families of Berlin, Texas. Bryan, Tex., 1985.

Grote, Charles H. The History of the German Methodist Episcopal Church, South, 1856-1931, ...Organized at Castell, Llano County, Texas. Castell, Tex., 1931.

St. John Ev. Lutheran Church, Meyersville, Texas : Record of Church Chronicle, Congregational Reports, Annual Meeting. Cuero?, Tex., 1978.

A Century of German Methodism in the Llano River Valley of Texas, 1852-1952. History and Pageant. Fredericksburg, Tex., 1952.

Ledbetter, Robert Edgar. Religion Among the Early German Settlers of Texas, 1830-1860. 1944.

Dabbs, Jack Autrey. Records of Immanuel Lutheran Church, Wiedeville, Washington County, Texas : 1871-1940, Register. Austin, Tex., 1989.




Music and the Arts

Deutsch-Texanischer Saengerbund. Silver-Jubilee 25th State Saengerfest of the German-Texan Singers' League Held at Dallas, Texas. Dallas, Tex., 1904.

Frank, Gerald David. A German Organbuilder on the Texas Frontier: The Life and Work of Johann Traugott Wandke. Harrisville, NY, 1990.

Haas, Oscar. Chronological History of the Singers of German Songs in Texas. New BraunfeIs, Tex., 1948.

Newcomb, William Wilmon. German Artist on the Texas Frontier, Friedrich Richard Petri. Austin, Tex., 1978.

Ney, Elisabet. Sursum!; Elisabet Ney in Texas. Austin, Tex, 1977.

Schiwetz, Edward Muegge. Buck Schiwetz' Texas : Drawings and Paintings. Austin, 1960.

Schiwetz, Edward Muegge. Scenes from the Historic Texas Gulf Coast. Houston, 195?.

Seele, Hermann. The Cypress and Other Writings of a German Pioneer in Texas. Austin, Tex., 1979.

Seele, Hermann. Travels in Texas. Austin, Tex., 1985.

Siemering, A. The Hermit of the Cavern : A Novel of the Early Sixties... Early German Settlers in Southwest Texas. San Antonio, Tex., 1932.

Tiling, Moritz. History of the German Element in Texas From 1820-1850, and Historical Sketches of the German Texas Singers' League and Houston Turnverein. Houston, Tex., 1913.

Von Rosenberg, Marjorie. German Artists of Early Texas : Herman Lungkwitz and Richard Petri. Austin, Tex., 1982.



General Interest

German Culture in Texas: A Free Earth: Essays From the 1978 Southwest Symposium. Boston, Mass., 1980.

German Day in Texas. Dallas, Tex., 19??.

The German Texans. San Antonio, Tex., 1987.


Special Interest

Brooks, Howard A. Mutual Insurance Associations in the German Speaking Communities of Texas. 1931.

German Emigration Company. Memorial of the Creditors of the German Emigration Company to the Legislature of the State of Texas. Houston, Tex., 1855.

German Cookie Recipes From Fredericksburg, Texas. Fredericksburg, Tex., 1978.

Gilbert, Glenn G. Linguistic Atlas of Texas German. Austin, Tex., 1972.

Petmecky, William. Easter Fires of Fredericksburg. Fredericksburg, Tex., 1952.

Roemer, Ferdinand. A Sketch of the Geology of Texas. New Haven, Conn. 1846.



Pioneer Life

The Golden Free Land: The Reminiscences and Letters of Women on an American Frontier. Austin, Tex., 1976.

Hinueber, Caroline von. Life of German Pioneers in Texas. Austin, Tex., 1899.

Jordan, Terry G. German Seed in Texas Soil: Immigrant Farmers in Nineteenth-Century Texas. Austin, Tex., 1966.

Santleben, August. A Texas Pioneer; Early Staging and Overland Freighting Days on the Frontiers of Texas and Mexico. New York, 1910.


German Language Publications

Bracht, Viktor. Texas im Jahre 1848 Elberfeld u. lserlohn, 1849.

Fuchs, Adolph. Abschied von der Alten Welt. San Antonio, Tex.,18??.

Goeth, Ottilie. Was Grossmutter Erzaehlt. San Antonio, Tex., 1915.

Groper, Klaus. Im Winter Brach der Regenbogen : Der Deutsche Treck Nach Texas. Wien, 1978.

Hoffman von Fallersleben, August. Texanische Lieder : Aus Mundlicher und Schriftlicher Mittheilung Deutscher Texaner. Hamburg-Wandsbeck, 1846.

Hoffman von Fallersleben, August. Zwei Opern. Hannover, 1868.

Rheinland-Pfalz und Texas : Zwei Regionen im Kontakt. Mainz, 1988.

Rosenberg, William von. Kritick der Geschichte des Vereins zum Schutze der Deutscher Auswanderer Nach Texas. Austin, Tex., 1894.

Schroeter, Hedwig. Else : Ein Lebensbild aus Texas. San Antonio, Tex., 1926.

Schutze's Jahrbuch fuer Texas und Hermanns-sohn Kalender. San Antonio, Tex., 1882.

Seele, Hermann. Die Cypresse und Gesammelte Schriften. New Braunfels, Tex., 1936.

Siemering, A. Ein Verfehltes Leben. San Antonio, Tex., 1876.

Texas. Constitution. Verfassung des Staates Texas, Angenommen von der Constitution-ellen Convention. Galveston, Tex., 1869.

United Societies for Relief. Auszug aus der Geschichte der United Societies for Relief. San Antonio, 1921.

Verein zum Schutze Deutscher Einwanderer in Texas. Comite-Bericht des Vereines zum Schutze Deutscher Einwanderer in Texas. Wiesbaden, 1850.

Verein zum Schutze Deutscher Einwanderer in Texas [Adelsverein?]. Gesammelte Aktenstucke des Vereins zum Schutze Deutscher Einwanderer in Texas. Mainz, 1845.

Wrede, Friedrich W. von. Lebensbilder aus den Vereinigten Staaten. Cassel, 1844.



German Texan Heritage Society. Journal. Manchaca, Tex., 1988.

German Texan Heritage Society. Newsletter. Austin, Tex., 1986.

Schmidt, Curt E. Neu-Braunfelser Jahrbuch. New Braunfels, Tex., 1981.


Archives and Manuscript Collections

Artzt Family Genealogy, 1941, 1959. (1 vol.)

Genealogy and history of the Artz family of Germany and of Texas (1300-1959) with photocopied photographs of residences.

William Gerhard Bartels Papers, 1826-1883. (1 in.)

Papers of Bartels (1806-1885), who emigrated from the Duchy of Oldenburg, Germany, to Austin's Colony in 1834 and established a farm near Industry, in Austin County, include German-language letters, contracts, wills, receipts, and · birth certificate and passport.

August Berndt Diary, 1849-1855. (1 item.)

Diary of Berndt, a tailor, written in German, documents his trip from Cracow, Poland, to Bremerhaven and his voyage to Texas aboard the “Herschell” with his friend Banofsky. It also describes his adventures while traveling in Texas as well as a trip to New Orleans and a tour with a minstrel show.

Rudolph Leopold Biesele Papers, 1844-1848, 1927-1939. (5 in.)

Lists of the contents of the volumes of the Solms-Braunfels Archives as well as transcripts of the Bourgeois d'Orvanne letters from them pertain to Biesele's direction of the transcription of photostats of the archives located in the Library of Congress and to his study, The History of the German Settlements in Texas, 1831-1861 (1930). The papers also contain the typescript of his essay, "The Financial History of the Confederate States" (1927), miscellaneous excerpts, notes, and a clipping.

Traugott G. Boehm Papers, 1896. (3 items)

Literary productions in German recounting Civil War anecdotes and a handwritten copy of a poem by F. H. Lohmann that appeared in the Fredericksburg fiftieth anniversary publication.

Joseph Bruckmueller Notebook, 1868-1883. (3 in.)

Notebook of Bruckmueller (b. 1826), shoemaker and merchant; written in German; recounts his life in Germany and in Texas; his experience in the Civil War; his political views about slavery and Reconstruction; and includes his literary productions (poetry and transcripts of correspondence); translation is included.

Charles Burmeister Papers, 1877. (38 items)

Correspondence and photographs concern the career of Burmeister (1856-1891) who was sent to Texas from Wisconsin to investigate living conditions and opportunities for German immigrants. Papers relate to Burmeister's observations of the climate and business opportunities in Texas. Most of the letters are in German with synopses in English.

Frederick Charles Chabot Papers 1837-1890 1917-1959. (7 ft. 1 in.)

Chabot (1891-1943) was an accomplished musician, linguist, diplomat, and historian best known for his contributions to Texas history. His most important works were published by the Yanaguana Society, a San Antonio history organization, which he helped found in 1933. He was instrumental in the restoration of La Villita and Mission San Jose in San Antonio and in 1934 supervised the Bexar County Historical Records Survey, a project sponsored by the United States Civil Works Administration. His papers include correspondence, genealogy research, bibliographies, literary productions, reproductions of illustrations for his books, and reports, transcriptions, and translations made for the Historical Records Survey under his supervision. The HRS material includes Bexar County Court records, San Antonio City Hall records, short histories and biographies relating to the San Antonio area, and indexes of local newspapers and other published material.

Coreth Family Papers, 1833-1983. (1 ft. 3 in.)

Papers concern the affairs of the family of Ernst Count Coreth of Vienna and Salzburg, one of the few noblemen who emigrated to Texas under the auspices of the Verein zum Schutze Deutscher Einwanderer in Texas. Coreth arrived in New Braunfels in 1846 and established a farm there where he and his wife Agnes Erler brought up ten children. Three sons served in the Civil War, and two of them died while in service. Correspondence carried on during the war makes up the bulk of the original material in the collection. Since the Coreth family was joined by marriage to many of the other prominent families of German origin in the area--the Kapps, Meusebachs, and Altgelts among them--the collection provides information about their activities also. The research material included in the collection was gathered by the great-granddaughter of Ernst Count Coreth, Minetta Altgelt Goyne, while writing a book about her family.

Leo M. J. Dielmann Papers, 1904-1958. (44 items)

Papers relate to the affairs and career of Dielmann (b. 1881), San Antonio architect, particularly in regard to his correspondence with persons in Germany, his roles as the district chairman of the Grand Lodge of the Order of the Sons of Hermann, as practicing architect, as member of the American Institute of Architects, as a trustee of the San Antonio Public Library, as San Antonio City building inspector, as a San Antonio city alderman, and as a member of the Knights of Columbus. Included are correspondence, bulletin, lodge records, ballots, minutes of meetings, memoranda, and newspaper clippings.

Adolf Douai Papers, 1819-1910. (4 in.)

Papers concern the life and career of Douai (1819-1888), writer, editor, and educator, and deal with his early life in Germany and eastern Europe and his involvement in the Revolution of 1848; his journey to Texas and his work there as a political liberal, abolitionist, educator, and publisher of the San Antonio Zeitung; and his political exile from Texas and subsequent political, academic, and journalistic careers in Boston, Hoboken, and New York. The bulk of the collection consists of Douai's autobiography in original form and typed translation.

Christian Friedrich Duerr Papers, 1832-1833, 1839-1844. (2 vols.)

Diary and letters of Duerr (b. 1815), German immigrant, merchant, and businessman, deal with his voyage from Germany to America and with his personal and business affairs in Florida and Texas. First volume is in German.

Eberstadt Collection, 1699-1959. (1 item)

Fink (Casper) Will. April 28, 1860

Hermann Ehrenberg Narrative, 1845. (1 item)

Narrative by Ehrenberg (ca. 1818-1866) entitled Fahrten und Schicksale eines Deutschen in Texas [Travels and Fortunes of a German in Texas] was published in Germany in 1845 and was the third edition of his book that first appeared in 1843 as Texas und seine Revolution. In it, he recounts his adventures as a soldier in the Texas Revolution including his escape from the Goliad Massacre.

Gustav Wilhelm Eisenlohr Letters, 1850-1866. (1.5 in.)

Letters in German written by Eisenlohr (1811-1881) contain descriptions of life in the United States from the point of view of a German emigrant, especially in New Braunfels and in Cincinnati, Ohio, along with comparisons to life in Germany. They also deal with Eisenlohr's personal and family concerns and those of Otto Helbing in Germany to whom the letters are directed.

Andrew Nelson Erskine Papers, 1845-1862. (2 in.)

Papers concern the life of Erskine (1826-1862), Texas Ranger, surveyor, agriculturist, soldier and relate to his experiences as a Texas Ranger under John Coffee Hays; as surveyor for the German Emigration Company; as supervisor of the Capote Ranch; the Cortina invasion; and the Civil War. Included are correspondence, legal document, and biography.

Hermann Fischer Store Records, 1879-1904. (1 ft.)

Hermann Fischer emigrated from Germany to northern Comal County, Texas, in 1849 and took up 160 acres for stockraising, but when the population of the area increased, he built a log store and developed a prosperous business. The post office was established in 1875, and the settlement was given the name of Fischer Store. Collection consists of the records of the store Fischer opened shortly after he settled in the Hill Country of Texas in 1853 and includes also the records of the town of Fischer Store post office, which opened in the store in 1875 with Fischer as postmaster.

Henry Francis Fisher Papers, 1821-1870. (1 ft. 1 in.)

Papers contain correspondence and financial records of Fisher (1805-1867) concerning his employment in England, his duties as German consul in Texas and Texas consul in Germany, his involvement with the San Saba Company and the Verein zum Schutze deutscher Einwanderer in Texas to whom he sold the Fisher-Miller Land Grant for their emigration enterprise, as well as letters from family and friends and a scrapbook of domestic newspaper clippings.

Freie Presse Fuer Texas Records, 1867-1946. (24 ft. 2 in.)

Correspondence, scrapbooks, legal papers, miscellaneous job printing, and miscellaneous broadsides.

German Colonization in Texas Papers, 1844-1855. (.75 in.)

Newspaper clippings and photostats of articles and legal documents concerning German colonization in Texas.

German Emigration Company Document, 1856. (1 item)

Company organized in 1842 as Adelsverein (or Mainzer Verein) by German noblemen at Biebrich on the Rhine, for the purpose of settling German immigrants on land purchased in Texas, declared bankruptcy in 1847. Document presented to the Texas Legislature relates to the Colonization Contract, under the terms of which German immigrants were settled in Texas; laws passed by the state of Texas relating to the immigration; German Emigration Company; Texas and German Emigration Company; and lawsuits filed by creditors.

German Manuscripts, ca. 1850-1852. (1 in.)

Ship's Log, "Margaret," 1851-1852. Articles on Chemistry and Physics.

German Scrapbook. (1 item)

Scrapbook of newspaper clippings from German newspapers, pasted into scrapbook.

Germans in Texas Scrapbook. (1 item)

Loose sheets of newspaper clippings from German and English language newspapers, annotated with date and source.

Ethel Hander Geue Papers, 1842-1978. (10 ft., 5 in.)

Materials on genealogy of German immigrants to Texas and that of the Geue and Hander families.

Julius Giesecke Papers, 1861-1864, 1934, 1935. (1 in.)

Papers and diary.

Walter Christian Giesecke Family Papers, 1835-1994. (1 ft. 3 in.)

Papers concern the business and personal affairs of the families of Christian Giesecke and Adolf Fuchs, both with professional, intellectual, and artistic backgrounds, who emigrated from Germany to Texas in the 1840s and whose family lines were joined by the marriage of their grandchildren Walter Christian Giesecke and Ulrike Matern. The collection contains much genealogical material in the form of charts as well as reminiscences. Included is Walter Christian Giesecke's trail drive diary (1882) and Albert Giesecke's travel diary (1845) as well as a songbook created by Adolf Fuchs with music and words, mostly in German.

Ernest K. Gruene Narrative, 1844-1855. (1 vol.)

Founding of New Braunfels

Oscar Haas Papers, 1844-1955. (7 in.)

Papers of Haas family, C. H. Guenther, Joseph Faust, Hermann Seele, and Robert Bechem; History of the Singers League in Texas; Comal County Singers League; various Saengerfest records.

Christian Wilhelm Hander Papers, ca. 1732-1962. (6.5 in.)

Papers related to the Hander Family and Christian Wilhelm Hander, including a Civil War diary and ledger books.

George August Edward Henkel Papers, 1735 (1860-1870) 1956. (5 in.)

Fayette County Justice of the Peace court records, history of George Edward Henkel family.

August Heinrich Hoffmann von Fallersleben Collection, 1846, 1868 and 1968. (1 in.)

Poetic works of August Heinrich Hoffman.

Enoch and Gus Jones Papers, 1851-1852. (.5 in.)

Correspondence of Gus Jones while a law student in Seguin, Texas, and his father Enoch (1802-1863), San Antonio merchant and entrepreneur. The letters deal with Gus's studies and both men's attitudes toward German immigrants. Also included are several compositions by Gus on Cuban independence, education, politics, states rights, and other subjects.

Kirchenbuch der Protestantischen Gemeinde New Braunfels (Texas), Numbers I and II. (5 in.)

Churchbook of the First Protestant Church of New Braunfels

Kreisle Family Papers, 1854, 1870, 1983, 1988. (4 items)

Papers consist of a baptismal certificate (August 27, 1854) and a Lutheran confirmation certificate (June 5, 1870) for Minna Louisa Kreisle, daughter of Matthew and Sophie Thomas Kreisle, as well as a history of the Kreisle, Mayer, Mueller, Seidel, and Thomas families, which includes much information about the city of Austin. Also, the handwritten science composition book kept by Leonardt F. Kreisle at University High School in the 1930s.

Louis Lenz Collection, 1688-1966. (8 ft. 1 in.)

Materials collected by Lenz (1885-1967) after his retirement as civil engineer in 1951 concern the early history of Texas and its settlement, particularly by the Canary Islanders in San Antonio and the Germans in South Texas; the Texas Revolution; and the Texas Republic. Significant features of the collection are letters from notable persons in Texas history, family papers and government records of settlers, a daily diary of the Confederate tax collector in Victoria (1862-1864), and ledgers from several business establishments in Cuero. Other materials included are financial and legal records, literary productions, certificates, deeds, land grants, guest register from the Muti Hotel in Cuero (1880-1883), speeches, photographs, and newspaper clippings. There are also calendars compiled by Lenz for some of the materials and a card index for the collection. Many documents are in German and Spanish, some of the latter with English translations. Some materials are photostatic copies.

John Zirvas Leyendecker Papers, 1842-1979. (3 ft. 7 in.)

Papers document the life and career of John Zirvas Leyendecker who emigrated to Texas from Germany with his parents and siblings aboard the ship Riga in 1845 and settled in Fredericksburg.

Leyendecker Family Papers, 1817-1981. (16 ft. 5 in.)

The Leyendecker Family Papers record in detail the business and personal affairs of one of Texas's earliest German families which came from the Rhine Valley to New York in 1828 and moved on to Texas in 1834 where they took up residence on Cummins Creek in Austin's Colony.

Luerson-Franke Papers, ca. 1861-1927, 1956, 1966. (7 in.)

Legal and financial records, printed material, and photographs relate to German immigrant Henry Franke (1843-1925), a gunsmith in Brenham, his wife Louise Minkwitz, and their three children Emma, Friedrich Carl (Fritz), and Celia. Legal records reflect the Franke and Minkwit families’ attempts to gain United States citizenship, as well as Henry Franke's negotiations for property in Brenham. One photograph depicts a unit of soldiers, possibly Confederate, posing in a studio.

Manor German-American Insurance Society Records, 1908-1929. (1 item)

Notebook of minutes, membership list, proposals, 1908-1929.

Hugo Moeller Papers, 1850-1937. (.5 in.)

Papers relating to first Saengerfest.

Esther L. Mueller Papers, 1845, 1916-1984. (5 ft., 4 in.)

Papers produced and collected by Esther L. Mueller (1902-1984), Fredericksburg educator, historian, and writer, pertain primarily to her study of, and writings about, the history of Fredericksburg and Gillespie County. Included are notebooks containing interviews with descendants of the area's early German pioneers and the resultant biographies she wrote as well as printed material about Sunday houses, county courthouses, the Easter fires celebration and her research and writing of a book about the area's history, entitled Haupt Strasse - Americanized. Her fictional works are documented by notes, manuscripts, and typescripts for three unpublished novels: "Cornerstone," "Given Name," and "Whispers the Dust," and some short stories and poems. The papers also contain correspondence between Esther's grandfather, Conrad Wehmeyer, and his relatives in Illinois and letters from J. Frank Dobie and Lady Bird Johnson, diaries, observations on students and teaching, a scrapbook of a trip to California, watercolor paintings, and photographs.

New Braunfels Academy Minutes, 1858-1892.

Mostly in German, these minutes of the New Braunfels Academy are handwritten. They were taken at several hundred meetings of the Board of Trustees of the Academy and include bylaws; rules and regulations for operating the Academy; financial records; and attendance rolls. These records include an English translation, and can be found on microfilm as well as in original format.

New Braunfels (Texas) Papers, 1815-1951. (7 items)

Seven items including: page from the family book of New Braunfels, charter members of the German-Protestant Church; index to the three family registers; by-laws “Germania”; letter and document about Prince Carl of Solms-Braunfels; grade book; and minutes of Comal Town Rowing Club.

Friedrich Heinrich Niebuhr Papers, 1862-1977. (1.5 in.)

Papers consist of letters in German written by Niebuhr to his family in Industry, Texas, while he was serving in the Confederate Army in Robert Voigt's Company C of Waul's Texas Legion. Included are translations of the letters, copies of Niebuhr's service record from the National Archives, and a history and genealogy of the Niebuhr family. Some additions to the letters were written by Niebuhr's cousin Christian Wilhelm Hander who was serving with the medical corps.

Leonard B. Plummer Collection, 1910-1961. (1 ft., 10 in.)

Plummer Family History and information on the German settlements in Texas in series arranged by county, biography, religion and fraternal organizations.

Johannes Christlieb Nathaniel Romberg Family Papers, 1708-1933. (9.5 in.)

Materials concerning Heinrich Otto Mackensen, Romberg family, Fayette County and Holland Texas.

Round Top, Texas Items, 1849-1965. (2 in.)

La Grange, Texas, journal, September 17, 1931; Photographs of Mathilde Henkel and Reinhard Hillebrand; remembrances by Emmie Jessen; and autograph book of Ottilie Wilhelmine Adolphine Potthoff.

Saint John's Lutheran Church (Round Top) Records. (2 reels)

Constitution and Kirchenordnung der evangelish lutherischen, St. Johannes Geneinde bei Round Top.

Martin and Hattie Kaiser Schaefer Papers, 1907-1980. (2 ft. 6 in.)

Papers of German immigrant Schaefer (1895-1966) and his wife Hattie (d. 1980) document their Kenedy bakery business from 1919 to 1940; their ranching activities and registered Hereford cattle; their travel cruises to Europe in 1925, 1951, and 1959; and Schaefer's wild game hunting in Canada, 1926-1940. Materials include correspondence, bakery account books, bakery and ranching ledgers, bills and receipts, equipment manuals, supply and expense inventories, deeds, recipes, hunting journals, and travel scrapbooks and memorabilia.

Friedrich Schenk Papers, 1847. (1 vol.)

Letter and fable, "The Master and His Canary Birds," photostat of German manuscript.

Schlick Family Papers, 1831-1908. (1.5 in.)

Personal correspondence and records in German of the Schlick family consist of an 1867 diary written by Richard Schlick (1839-1867), a Galveston merchant, as well as letters, an amnesty oath, marriage and baptismal certificates, riddles, and a cantata. The diary documents local events, a Fourth of July celebration, the arrival of the body of Albert Sidney Johnston, the laying of the first track of the city railroad in Market Street and its first trip, and the devastation of a yellow fever epidemic that claimed Schlick's life. A translation of the diary and an index are included, and the inventory contains a calendar of the letters and other documents with the contents summarized in English.

Solms-Braunfels Archives, 1842-1957. (16 ft. 10 in.)

The Solms-Braunfels Archives consist of two sets of material derived from the official business records of the Verein zum Schutze deutscher Einwanderer in Texas that, when the organization became defunct, were removed from the Verein's offices in Wiesbaden and stored in the castle at Braunfels (hence the name): 1) transcripts of the official papers made in the Library of Congress from photostats of about one-third of the collection done in Berlin in 1930 by University of Texas history professor Rudolph Biesele and his students in 1933 and 2) microfilm of the papers copied from the original film made in Marburg, Germany, for the German federal archives in 1966. Some of the papers were separated from the collection between 1933 and 1966, and these are only partially to be found among the transcripts and not at all on the microfilm. The Verein Collection, a separate collection at the University of Texas at Austin, is one part of the missing papers. Collection contains transcripts and microfilm of the business records of the Verein zum Schutze deutscher Einwanderer in Texas and consists of extensive correspondence between the members and their business managers and with emigrants and would-be emigrants, as well as detailed records of the Verein's financial affairs.

Gottlieb Christian Daniel Toepperwein Reminiscences, 1767-1857. (2 in.)

"Reminiscences of Gottlieb Christian Daniel Toepperwein and a Brief History by His Son Lucien Ferdenand Toepperwein," translated by Flora Wertheim, includes names of children.

Verein Zum Schutze Deutscher Einwanderer in Texas Records. (1 ft., 8 in.)

The Adelsverein Zum Schutze Deutscher Einwanderer in Texas (Society for the Protection of German Immigrants in Texas) helped to settle thousands of German immigrants in the nineteenth century in Texas. The records include correspondence by the principals of the Verein, ships list, administration of the Verein’s business and financial records.

Julius Von Bose Diary, 1845. (1 item)

Diary, “Journey from Germany to Texas,” by Julius von Bose.

Wends of Texas Records, 1855-1885. (3 in.)

Photocopies of church records of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Serbin, Texas, where the Wends established their colony in 1855. These include account records, church regulations, and minutes. The accounts list church members and their contributions.

Wied Archives, 1839-1881. (2 ft. 6 in.)

Papers consist of the business records of the Prince of Wied dealing with the Verein zum Schutze deutscher Einwanderer in Texas during its later years while the prince was president of that immigration organization

Ernest William Winkler Papers, 1846-1972. (32 ft. 6 in.)

Correspondence, financial records, newspaper clippings, photographs, diaries, maps, printed material, notes, and literary productions document the career of William Ernest Winkler, librarian and bibliographer, including the compilation of Check List of Texas Imprints and his interest in the history of Germans in Texas.